Support and accountability are crucial to reaching any kind of goals you set for yourself, especially health and wellness goals. They're the backbone of your success because they give you want you WANT (the support to make it through when the going gets tough) and what you NEED (the accountability, or polite but firm nudge, to get you to take action when you're starting to fall behind).

Someone who provides you with support AND accountability is someone who will ask you, "What's your next step? What are you going to do today to make sure that you're going to reach your goals and that you're getting closer to your goals?" This person gives you unconditional love, support, and acceptance- all of which you need on your journey to your best self.

Choosing a support is no easy task. You're looking for someone who can be gentle with you and love you up, someone who can guide you towards taking right and decisive action, and someone who can give you a kick in the rear end when you're not living up to the promises you've made to yourself. The frequency in which you talk to this person is up to you. Most people need daily course correction, whereas some people do just fine checking in once every week or two.

Here's what you want your support person to do:

1. Call you up or email you at the SAME TIME (every day or week, depending on your preference)

2. Have them ask you what your goals are until you talk again

3. Make sure they ask you if you've accomplished your goals since your last chat

4. If you have, let them celebrate with you

5. If you haven't, they need to ask you: "Why didn't it get done? How can you make sure that it gets done NOW? How can you prevent this kind of situation from happening again?"

A lot of people turn to their spouse for support. That can seem like a really great idea because you both love and support each other; however it's actually difficult for couples to hold each other accountable. Being firm with your partner can be hard and sometimes sharing your goals with them is a bit uncomfortable. They're also not likely trained on how to be a proper support (because there IS a science to it). For the same reason, friends make lovely cheerleaders but not the best accountability partners.

So who CAN you turn to? A paid professional. Professionals are trained to be good at what they do, that's why they're professionals. They're also in business because they get results. When you're putting your money where your goals are, you get RESULTS. Money is a great motivator. Paying someone to make sure you're doing what you said you'd do is a great way to make sure it gets done, which means... RESULTS! When you're truly committed to your goals, you do what it takes, so what will be your next step?

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