Most of the time, to get a small business off the ground, or even keeps it in operation, you need to have some kind of financing in form of a business loan. Small businesses can apply for loans from banks or similar financial institutions such as credit card unions for commercial loans. Usually, most banks do not offer loans to startup companies, but they do offer them to already established and ongoing businesses. Here are the major steps one should follow in order to get a loan, including getting a financial agency such as, to help.

What is the reason for the loan and how much do you need?

It seems like an obvious thing for a small business owner to know why they need a loan and the amount the business needs. However, most startup owners have no idea about the number of funds they need or why they need them. Business owners regardless of whether they're just starting out or have an existing business, need to be able to articulate how much money will be enough to keep their business going.

Review Your Credit Score and History

If you have just started a business or it is an ongoing business but less than 3 years, both your personal credit history and your business credit history will be evaluated. Before, you should get your personal credit history in order by reviewing your credit report, and fixing any errors you noticed. Check your credit score and if it is about 700 or above, then it is very good and it will significantly increase any chances you have of having your loan approved.

Review your borrowing options

Consider all the commercial banks available, including the small banks. You might find a better chance of getting a loan from a small regional bank so try them as well. You might also be able to get a loan from non-bank institutions like credit unions. If you happen to be a member of a credit union in your local area, you can talk to the loan officer about your need for a small business loan. There are other microfinance loans you can try, and even though some will say no, there will be someone who will say yes so keep on trying. You can try using a financing company such as that will help you out in getting your small loan for your business.

Have a business plan on the ready

This is by far one of the most important steps. If you want to get a loan from any lender, you need to have a great business plan. In fact, without a ready business plan, it will be impossible for you to have a figure of how much money you need. You need to know how fast or how long it will take you to repay that loan. Your business plan will have to include past projects, financial statements for your business, as well as statements of collateral or assets you will use to secure the loan. You also need to include the analysis of your business market and the statement of your experience.

Plan a presentation for the appointment

In order for you to have your small business loan approved, you need to make your presentation very compelling. Prepare a great presentation of the business plan, and put together an incredibly professional package including any financial statements, charts, spreadsheets, and graphs that are necessary. Include an executive summary as well, because most loan officers read it first in order to decide whether they will be interested based on that alone. Once everything is ready, make an appointment and during their presentation ensure that you are concise, organized, and succinct.

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