Online gambling is in the safest state it has ever been. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t websites out there still looking to prey on the innocent and get scam some users out of their money.

Not every website is like this, of course, but you still need to be on the lookout for those who would get out of their way to harm you (or your bank balance!).

There are a handful of tips that can prove to be quite useful for any online casino enthusiast when they’re looking not to get scammed. We’ve compiled them there for you, so you can use this article as a small reference to keep yourself safe when getting into the world of iGaming.

Although this article has the main purpose of keeping newcomers safe, some veterans to the world of online gambling might also want to give this article a read. You can always learn new things, and when it comes to your own safety, adding to your arsenal of know-how is only going to make your experience much safer.

Be Careful with Over Promises

One of the easiest ways to lure new players into an online casino based on scamming players is by offering them crazy rewards or monetary compensation on sign-up. This doesn’t refer to online casino bonuses, as promotions for registrations and deposits tend to be quite popular in the industry. Instead, watch out for websites that straight-up offer you free “withdrawable” cash.

Websites that over promise are very rarely going to deliver. What do they win, you ask? They get their hands on your personal information. That’s their main goal – all they want to do is to use your info to then resell it or, in some cases, for shadier purposes.

It’s important that you keep an eye out for the online casinos that you like and check if they’re properly regulated – especially if the promises seem too good to be true!

Claim Quality Bonuses

Are you looking not to get scammed but you still want to get yourself some free cash? If so, then go and claim the best bonuses to play for free in the best online casinos.

The best online casino bonuses grant you free cash or free spins to be spent on your favorite games by simply making a deposit on your account or, in some cases, simply by registering on a new website.

Online casino bonuses are legit and offered by the best online casinos in the world. Yes, they do grant you free cash and yes, you will be able to withdraw that cash. There’s a small catch, though – you’re going to need to fulfill a few small requirements before you can turn the bonus money into real, withdrawable cash.

Properly read the terms and conditions of a bonus and ensure that you aren’t getting scammed. The terms can be strict (they most likely will be), but they also need to be realistically fulfillable.

Do Proper Research

There’s no better way for you to avoid getting scammed than properly researching an online casino before you register. There are many resources that will help you determine whether an online casino is trustworthy or not, but you can also investigate the site and the domain to see where it's registered and how it’s been operating in recent years.

See who is the owner of the website and investigate where they’re coming from. Is it a reputable online casino company being run by a legitimate owner, or is it a shady wonder from a third-world country trying to run a worldwide scam network?

Be sure to fully investigate a website and avoid providing your information to a shady owner.

Learn from the Experiences of Others

It is often said that humans don’t learn from the experiences of others but rather by their own failures and successes. However, if you want to avoid getting scammed at an online casino, reading the opinions of others is going to be one of your best sources of information to determine the quality of a website.

Why visit an online casino and fail on your own when you can see if other players have been scammed before and avoid the sour taste altogether?

There are plenty of websites that gather the opinions of players from all over the world regarding their experiences in certain online casinos. You can use them as a guide to determine just how good an online casino is.

You can also check out the history of disputes that players have had with an online casino of your choice. The more disputes opened against an online casino, the further you might want to stay away from the site. Focus on finding online casinos that stay away from the spotlight of trouble – that’s your one-way ticket towards a safe iGaming experience.

Check the Website’s Reputation

Another great way to determine whether a website is worth it is by checking out its reputation and legitimacy.

One clear way to do this is to find out which entity has provided the casino with a license. The most reputable gaming authorities, like the UKGC, only license legitimate casinos.

A lot of third-world countries do this as a way to get themselves a commission for licensing a website. Most websites pay to obtain these online casino licenses, and getting one from a country that gives them away easily is the best way to quickly set up a scam website without getting in trouble with any authorities.

Be on the lookout for websites licensed by the most reputable gambling commissions in the world, as these are the ones that offer the most legitimate bonuses, the safest environments, and the highest-rated online casino games. One quick search could prove to be the difference between you registering on the wrong website and you finding the best online casino to suit your needs.

Take your time and gamble responsibly!

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