The Chinese have a habit of drinking tea. In addition to the thick flavor of tea, tea is a healthy drink. As research in recent years has found that certain ingredients of tea are helpful for health. Although there are many benefits to drinking tea, there are also some things to pay attention to, so you should understand how to drink tea is the smart way.

Catechin is the main polyphenol component in tea. Studies have pointed out that catechins have many effects such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, reducing the risk of heart disease, preventing cancer, reducing blood fat, reducing body fat formation, antibacterial, changing the ecology of intestinal flora, and eliminating odor. The tea that is labeled with a healthy food logo on the street market mainly refers to the physiological functions of catechins.

The content of polyphenols will be reduced due to the increase in the degree of fermentation. However, some studies have pointed out that although catechins contained in fermented tea are low, blood lipids are lowered and the effect of delaying oxidation is still high.

While drinking tea has many benefits, there are still a few things to keep in mind:

1. Avoid drinking tea immediately after a meal.

Since tea tannin can reduce iron absorption, drinking tea during or after meals can easily reduce iron absorption in the diet, which may affect up to 65%.

2. It is not advisable to dispense tea.

Tea tannin will precipitate with certain drugs to affect its efficacy. For example, iron supplements, fluoren? Antibiotics and tetracycline antibiotics will be adsorbed by tannins and alkaloids in tea products, making the body more sensitive to Absorption of such drugs is reduced.

3. Avoid hot bubbles for too long.

The more tannins are released over time, avoid drinking tea that has been soaked in hot water for too long. This is the reason not to drink overnight tea.

4. Cold brewed tea.

People who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, children, heart disease, and ulcers are not suitable for drinking tea.
However, research shows that the caffeine content of the tea soup after 12 hours of cold soaking is only one third of that of 5 minutes of hot soaking. If you really want to drink tea, try cold coffee with less caffeine.

5. Should not be used as a supplement after exercise or after water loss.

Tea has a diuretic effect and is not suitable for supplementing water after exercise or after water loss.

6. Be careful with sugar.

Popular tea beverages in the market are sweetened, half-sweetened, and sugar-free. Be careful when drinking. Drinking sweetened tea beverages will increase the calories. People with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and weight loss are not recommended to drink it.

7. Watch out for creamer and cream balls.

Western-style milk tea recommends using low-fat fresh milk instead of creamer or cream balls to avoid excessive calorie intake.

8. Moderate intake.

According to research on anti-cancer effects, as long as you drink 150㏄ of tea every day, there are health benefits. At present, canned tea beverages that have been certified as health foods are recommended to drink 650 to 1200㏄ to achieve the indicated efficacy. However, it is best to decide the intake according to personal circumstances. If drinking tea will affect sleep or have discomfort, do not succumb to drinking it.

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