Do you really want to learn about the stock market but confused where to start and how to start?It is possible by keeping your eyes on every market situations, each market movements. A trader can get success by continues learning about the market. Finance market always takes new changes time by time to match with this a trader should have required knowledge of the market to deal with various ups and downs in the market. A trader whether he is investing in the stock market or commodity market can self-learn the market by following some tips -

1.Take help from leading finance expert – It is better to take some basic knowledge about the financial market, for this you have to spend some time with financial experts. Thousands of financial experts and advisors are available in all over India or out of India who is ready to provide trading suggestion and other services. Financial experts are well capable to provide guidance on the stock market as they have well experienced the market. Be aware at the time of taking trading guidance, do not select any ordinary financial advisor for taking investment suggestions. Always select a reputed advisor to take any market recommendations.

2.Reading is the best method – Reading is best to learn something, start with what is trading?what actually stock market run, their rules and regulation etc. An investor can read some useful books suggested by an experienced and successful investor. A trader should explore the basic concept of trading, what is commodity market and the stock market, how taking stock tips, commodity tips and Gold and silver tips are beneficial and other important investment topics.

3. Attend trading seminars – Many leading financial experts organise social events and seminars to spread trading information, tips and suggestions. If a trader wants a better return then it is beneficial if he attends those events time to time. It really helps to talk with experts at the time of beginning.

4. Watch television to get a better overview of the market - Watching television and using social media is the best method to get market information. Most of the advisory company provide a daily market recommendation of the market, trading calls etc. Also taking suggestions from family and friends is another way to take an overview of trading.

Share market is a rapidly growing market. It changes on daily basis, many investors earn and many of them lose their money also. To get knowledge of the market keeping an eye on the share market are required, a newbie of the market can follow trading suggestions by sebi registered investment advisor. A trader can gain high knowledge about the market through hard work and dedication.

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I am priya rajput, working as Associate financial consultant in Epic Research Limited-the leading advisory firm in India.I have good knowledge about commodity market, so i used to write articles on the same.