How do you, as a small business owner, go through the window and become more value-conscious and not cost-conscious?

The challenge goes like this:

The nature of your value in the marketplace has nothing to do with what you create, or what you do for your customer. It comes from a much deeper place. The question you get to ask yourself is, “Are you enough?” Are you worthy enough to be able to create something great, and pay for what it requires to make that happen?

This decision comes from within you. A big question to ask yourself is: what if you spend the money or take the operational risk and it (not you) fails?

I will argue that nothing of value can ever be lost. Recognize that your worth is more than what you do in the world, and what you are able to create in the marketplace comes from that intrinsic value. When loss is sustained or when you are stolen from, those things cannot taint or damage the space where value comes from. That may be a little mystical, but that has been my experience.

I have spent many thousands of dollars in ventures and projects that did not work out as planned, had thousands of dollars stolen from me and have been sued for thousands. In my experience, no matter how much is lost or stolen, the space that you create value with can never really be touched or tainted. Remember that your ability to create ideas and create wonderful solutions for your customers; that is where your value comes from. You have that value with the ability to deliver great service to them. Strive to be value-conscious and understand that cost-consciousness comes from a place of fear of loss.

What ‘cost’ of doing business have you been hesitating or delaying because you think you cannot afford it? Perhaps you have already taken the leap from a small business mindset to a big or corporate business mindset. Share how it has changed how you view cost and value.

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Hugh Stewart is a business coach committed to helping those who are ready to move their business to the next level. His confident solution coaching will enable you to…

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○ Optimize how you spend your time and focus
○ Design workflow around your most profound talents
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○ Work on developing and streamlining your work processes
○ Create the clarity, focus, action & results you deserve

You will discover how to...
• Master time and attention management
• Maximize income and rewards based on your best talents and abilities
• Hire and delegate effectively
• Develop business systems
• Create a sustainable and referable experience for your customers

The Confident Solution Cycle is a unique process that uses your current skills and abilities to achieve a clearly identified objective. The process serves to cultivate a personal culture of change and success with specific areas of focus listed above.