Palace Puerh is the highest grade Puerh cooked tea. The bud head is small, with golden hairs, and the color is brown and red. Because plant buds are significantly less than leaves and stalks, the raw materials of palace-grade Puerh buds are relatively rare. So, in terms of drinking palace Puerh tea, how can it be brewed better?
The specific brewing method of palace Puerh tea:

   1. Raising tea.

  The squeezed palace Puerh must pry loose tea in advance. It is advisable to use a straight-shaped purple sand pot, which is about 2/3 full of tea, leaving part of the space to facilitate tea breathing. Freshly cooked tea will keep tea for about 10 days, and the new tea will be dispersed. If you can keep tea for 30 days, you can fully wake up the tea for better drinking benefit.

   2. Take tea.

  When prying tea, because the palace bud head is relatively delicate and fragile, you need to be careful to slowly pry the tea needle into a block, try to keep the bud head cable intact, and avoid the tea sample from being broken and the content of the substance to precipitate out faster.

  Take tea samples 8.5-9.5g, increase or decrease the amount of tea according to personal taste preference. Choose a uniform tea sample of moderate thickness to better control the uniform release of tea flavor.

  3、Warm cup sanitary ware.

   This is the most basic and critical process. Before brewing, the brewing equipment should be washed and heated with boiling water. The bowl must be hot enough to reach the hand to feel the hotness. This is the most critical step to maintain the aroma of the tea, and it is also the key step to make the new tea volatile water vapor. Before making tea, burn a whole pot of water to ensure that it can reach about four bubbles, and the whole boiling water is brewed.

   4. Moist tea.

  After the tea leaves are put into the bowl, dry and steam for about 30 seconds, let the tea gradually warm up and then brew again, which is conducive to the play of the inner quality. Because the tea buds in the court are tender and the contents are precipitated quickly, the tea is gently filled with water, a medium water column, and the height is moderate. It can be filled with water.
5. Brew the soup.

   Maintain a peaceful and quiet attitude and focus on the tea in your hands. Make sure that the boiling water is brewed, and gently fill the water in a circle. The hand must be stable when filling. The water column should not be large and small, intermittent, and a smooth and consistent water injection method can interpret a delicate tea soup.

  The height and thickness of the water column are moderate. The main observation is the color of the soup to control the soaking time. 1-3 bubbles are quickly released. The soaking time of 4-8 bubbles is extended by 5-10 seconds. After 9 bubbles, the soaking method is used.

   The soup color is bright and translucent; the aroma is pure and elegant, the layers are rich, and the soup is full; the soup is thick and sticky; the taste is mellow and full, and the sweetness and longevity coexist, sweet and long-lasting, sweet and long. Each frothy tea soup, the aroma and taste can bring different tastes to drinkers, this is the best taste of court cooked tea.

However, it should be noted that to ensure that each soup is released, the lid is opened for about 3 seconds after the soup is released in the first half (before 5 bubbles) to dissipate the water vapor to avoid the water vapor adhering to the cover from falling back Tea soup produces artificial soup separation and bitter base in subsequent brewing.

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