Eating is one of the few things that everyone loves to do, and what's better than sitting in the comfort of your home, reading your favorite novel, watching your favorite series or just chilling with your friends and ordering food from your favorite restaurant at your fingertips with an amazing food delivery app.

The food delivery app is a new range. Even the Food Delivery industry continues to keep its progressive growth, which you could have noticed in the last few years. So if you have any plans to make a food delivery app, it’s definitely the right time!

Profit from such apps-aggregators is obvious — both for consumers of food and for its suppliers. As the forecast shows, the revenue of the food tech market will only grow each year:

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There are mainly two major food delivery startups models actively running in the market:

A. The aggregator model for food delivery startups

The aggregator model is based on the popular food delivery system. They are the mediator between the customer and local restaurants and manage everything. They also offer the platform to access to the user to browse through various cuisines. Mainly, the job of food delivery app aggregators is to facilitate the order. Once the user signs in to the app, he/she can check the menus, reviews, ratings, and prices before placing the order.

B. The delivery platforms offer a good logistics delivery system

There is another delivery platform with logistics support. These aggregators are making it simple for small restaurants, food corner to deliver seamlessly. They are opening up a new range for the food delivery startups who couldn’t afford to have their own delivery system.

What Are the Key Features of Food Delivery App?

One of the crafty things about food ordering app development is that you will have to create several products for all shareholders to make the system work. Just think of it:

●First, of all, you need to create a custom application through which all the orders will be made.
●Secondly, you need an Admin Panel (a Web-App) where you’ll manage and supervise all the requests.
●Mainly, a courier app is needed, if your idea isn’t built around another solution.

It's better to foster 3 versions of the Food delivery app.

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How To Make a Food Delivery App?

If you want to survive in this competitive market you have to be smart enough to take the right decision at the right time. You have to show your presence to promote your business. I have tried to gather all the challenges that are the barricade for all startups:

You are not sure how you can attract your audience or where your audience is?
There is no clue from where you can hire mobile app developer for your app or how many versions you need for your app.

You are not sure about the features that should form your food delivery app. There no clue how to partner with cafes, restaurants or other food delivery services.

You cannot really start your food delivery startup with a belief like – “everyone loves delicious food” ,” food is our common ground or universal expression” or “ home delivery is very convenience”! Going ahead of the competition is not an easy task.

To have a strong niche in the food delivery industry, you have to overcome these messes and take a fresh start. You should exactly know how to create a food delivery mobile app! you should also hire android app developer who will help you to accomplish the right food delivery app. Let’s first start with finding your crowd.

How To Find The Right Audience To Market your Food Delivery App?

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Defining the right audience for startups is way beyond just ‘tasty’ meals. It should be your sole USP. You have to understand what separates you and how that’s beneficial for you to attract a large audience. You can always think of creating your menu in a different way and yet appealing for the audience. For this, you should the right Food-ordering app development idea.

Nowadays, the food delivery app is used mostly by people with a busy lifestyle such as working-class professionals, entrepreneurs, students who spent most of their time on it amongst others. They should be the primary target of your app if you want to attract a large audience or boost your business. Got it?

You have to also define your audience zone. Like if you targeting busy professionals you have to look for healthy food options and deliver freshly cooked food. On the other hand, If you have the USP to serve delicious fast food within minutes- then you can easily grab the attention of busy millennials who love to grab a pizza with a beer and enjoy Netflix. Diet is surely not a priority for them. They are not making ‘healthy eating resolution’ on New Year’s Eve! They just want to eat delicious food.

Nonetheless, there can be improvisation to your idea, you are the boss delivering almost everything! That one needs.

Everything That’s The App Is Comprised Of

While you are creating the customer app, you should keep the UI very interactive. So, the user can easily access the nearest restaurants’ corners right from the navigation. For any user, let's find out what tempts him to place the order:

1.Easy User Registration And Account Setup

For any user, the journey with the app begins right at the sign-up. You must cut the crap and make sign-in easier for the user so that they can sing-in within seconds. You can also give them an option to log in quickly with there social media logins.

2.Moving On To Finding A Perfect Restaurant

What will user’s do after quick signup? Find good restaurants to order some delicious food. So, give users quick access to find nearby restaurants or cafes using their GPS right after their signup. You also provide a detailed list of restaurant information, cuisines list, prices, special combos, prices, and reviews.

3. Ordering Time

Now, the menu is all set and the user must be ready to order by this step. Provide your users with the option to add the dishes or meals in their cart. And don't forget to add a delete button to erase a mistake! And, make sure your interface is fast, as about 47% of people expect the web and mobile app to load in 2 seconds or less.

4. Okay, So Where Is The Food?

Waiting for food can be really difficult. How to make the wait for food look better? It also adds to the utility. With real-time order tracking! The main idea of food ordering app development is to make thew wait seem smaller. Your user can be anywhere. So, make it convenient and fun with GPS real-time tracking.

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Don't forget to update the food Status. After an order is accepted, the courier can update the status so the customer can get information about the order. There are basically 3 main types of statuses:

2. Picked up.
3. Delivered.

Once the courier updates status to “delivered” and gets confirmation from the customer, you will receive the payment. And the job is done!

5. A Secured Payment System is a must.

It's a prerequisite thing. A secured payment system not only builds the user's truth but also avoids the chances of fraud in the future. Make the payment safe, secure and fast. Choose the popular payment integration and ask your restaurant app developers for the same to create the food delivery app.

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What Shall Be There For The Restaurant Owner App Version?

To know how to make a Food ordering app, there is a set of that should be fulfilled. Without any doubt, the Admin panel is the keystone for the business owners. Afterall the restaurant needs an admin panel to manage a lot like accepting, editing all kinds of information, setting prices, managing customer and courier bases, etc. Sounds important enough, doesn’t it?

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Let’s take a closure look at what needs to create a food delivery app for restaurants:

1. Restaurant registration is a must

The first feature is the same for users and restaurants. Try to keep it simple for the owners to register their restaurants, set or change the password and other options as well.

2. App Content

Creating content according to your restaurant deals is what you should put here. Dragging more customers is in your hands. So, If you want to keep your retention rates and LTV of your customers high, you should offer them the best user experience possible. Therefore, be sure that managers are able to achieve this by:

● Edit all the information about the restaurant like contact, address, menu, special deals, etc.
●Add pictures of the menu it's very eyecatching trust me.
●Don't forget to add an editing tool. So, the restaurant manager can edit content.

3. Handle Food Orders At Your Fingertips

The profile is complete. You have got the first-ever order! Now? You need to view the order details first. Then start the process by sending the order confirmation to your customer (when it’s accepted) and to the driver (when it’s ready to be picked up). And also check the current order list.

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4. The Way You can Receive Payments

Isn't it the most crucial part of your business? So, you must have complete control over the payment you receive. With an instant notification of the order completion and payment, you are ready to go.

Checklist To Choose The Right Food ordering App Development Partner.

The trickiest thing is to find the right food ordering app development company. You’ll get many of them over the internet. But it's important to judge them right. So, to find the right company to support your food delivery app idea, ask a few questions like:

1. What Is The Company’s Experience In Handling Food Delivery App Development Model?

It’s very important to go for companies to have good app portfolios. Their work speaks for excellence. Hire the best app development company to build your app.

2. Do They Follow The Agile Food Ordering App Development Process?

This is a very crucial part of any project. The agile process helps in keeping a tab over the latest project milestones and the problems during the progress at every step. Agile app process helps in understanding your requirement better and help you with the project completed in the best possible way.

3.Do The Developers Follow The Standard Coding And Utilize The Latest Frameworks?

Any app development company you choose, they must provide you with the best development service. Such as business analysis, lean app development, quality assurance by continuous testing, launch. And to fulfill all these requirements, there must be a standard coding and latest framework that they follow. You can also ask them directly on how to make a food delivery app or food ordering apps attractive.

4. What Technologies Are Developers Following?

For a bug-free food delivery app, SDKs are the common payment integration. To get detailed information about the restaurants and food corners, the hire iPhone app developer must be aware of the API. Firebase SDK is used widely for the database as a service.

To make business processes more flexible you can use JavaScript both on frontend and backend. A backend can be built with Node.js. It allows reusing the code and solutions between the server and the client. It helps to reduce the amount of code and, as a result, it also reduces the number of errors. You can make the platform more supportable — it’s very easy to make changes and fix bugs.


In short – you should start planning to make a food delivery app and do the right brainstorming. You have to do a lot of things from recruiting employees, contacting restaurants, advertising and most importantly – developing the food delivery app right. You can also hire an app development company in Dubai.

Find out the right food app development company to discuss your idea. You can also start promoting your app on social media that the best way to get youth attention. And with promotion, just try to earn the trust of your audience and highlight your USP and tell the offers directly. It is the best way to have customers for a longer run.

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