Everyone knows the phrase "I give you the stars of heaven." Unfortunately, this is not so easy, because you cannot buy a star, because there is no official ownership of them. However, there is the possibility of baptizing a star. This star saves this name forever and is entered into the star registry. It can be processed directly on our website within 24 hours.

To give a star is to receive in your house exclusive documentation to get to know your star better.

Registration certificate
The official document that proves the purchase of your star and its registration, along with its astronomical coordinates and registration date.

The coordinates will allow you to locate your star in Google Earth or in the Stellarium planetarium.

In addition, in the Vega, Sirio and Cephei Packs, a planisphere is included to dare you to locate your star. In the Sirio and Cephei Packs, you will also receive a compass that you can use with your planisphere.

Presentation folder
Giving stars is to receive all archived documents in an elegant presentation folder.

All the detailed information about your star. Like its coordinates, the constellation, the brightness and ... much more!

With the technical file, you will learn about your star and it will give you the necessary information to locate it in Google Earth or in the Stellarium planetarium. The planisphere included in the Vega, Sirio and Cephei packs will help you find your star in the sky.

Card with a personalized message
Postcard in which to express the message you want to send to that special person

Color image of the star
Image of your star printed on high-quality paper. All documentation is professionally printed on 350 grams matte coated cardboard and in full color.

Star Planisphere
Locate your star in the night sky with this circular star chart. All the stars we offer can be seen with the naked eye.

Author's Bio: 

Hasan Root, a dream lover!