Pashmina has been derived from a Parsi word, pashm. The meaning of pashm can be literally translated as something soft to touch. The name was give to this material by the Iranian people. The thread of pashmina is extremely thin and fine in diameter. Pashmina is known worldwide as the most delicate fabric, which is also extremely warm. Despite being so thin in its appearance it can provide you with warm protection during the harsh winter months. Some use the beautiful pashmina to add glamour to their winter wardrobe while for some use it is a traditional affair. Let us talk about identifying pure pashmina and the fashionable aspect of this charming fabric.

An experienced eye can separate pure pashmina from the artificial one. A typical pashmina fabric will feel extremely light in weight, like a feather. It will also feel very soft to the touch and will be free from any roughness. To confirm whether a fabric is pure pashmina or not, pull out a thin thread from the material and burn it. It should give off a strong stench resembling burning hair. Pashmina is made from goat’s wool, which are dead cells. It is often confused with the cashmere fabric. The prime difference between the two is that the pashmina thread is thinner than the cashmere thread.

You must always buy this elegant fabric from an authentic source. Some of the most popular pashmina sellers in India have set up their websites to be able to reach out to a global audience. Many international buyers place bulk orders of pashmina scarves and shawls to sell in their local market. You should try to find out the names of such sellers because they shall surely provide you with a certificate of guarantee of the material. Pashmina is an expensive fabric in the market, you will easily come across semi-pashmina shawls and scarves but it is difficult to discover such online shops that deal exclusively in pure wear. Some key rules should be followed when choosing a pashmina vendor.

A vendor who has been dealing in the fabric for generations will always deliver superior quality merchandise. Such vendors have a reputation to maintain and cannot afford to sell even one low quality piece. We strongly suggest that you buy pashmina from such a vendor who has been practicing the trade for several decades. You can come across such websites that sell this fabric.

An elaborate catalogue will exhibit the professionalism of a pashmina vendor. The choices are plenty. You will notice an endless variety in colors and patterns. Pick from the creative selection of pashmina scarves and shawls from these websites. Rates shall vary in terms of patterns and styles. Designer pashmina shawls are more expensive than those shawls that are created by community workers. Depending on your budget you can buy innovative pashmina Indian shawls and scarves. You can check online shopping forums to know about websites that have a satisfactory client following. You must buy only from such a website that takes complete responsibility of merchandise sold from their store.

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