Turkey, a country that offers pleasant weather and comfortable living at a low cost, has attracted many people to settle here for ages. But, since the new amendments in the citizenship laws which permit, citizenship through investment, there has been an influx of foreign investors; because of which the real-estate sector has significantly improved over the years. The sales of properties are seeing a sky-rocket increase; from apartments, villas and commercial sites, everything is available here and that too at affordable prices.
One has to keep in mind that, an affordable price is just not about the sale price but, also about other necessary conditions that contribute to the quality of the property such as, its accessibility and legal permissions, etc.
The real essence of affordable properties is interlinked with the security of the buyer.
Following are some factors that can be helpful in buying affordable properties-
Finding the right property is like a treasure hunt which you can only win if you spare out time to familiarize yourself with the localities and properties. Once you have flair knowledge, it gets fairly easy to identify what shall work the best for you.

As a buyer, it is your right and responsibility to have the correct information. Thus, you have to make sure that your desired property-
Is not on disputed land.
Is not close to the military land.
It cannot be on multiple names if there is only one vendor.
It has the correct permits i.e., it is constructed according to the regulations and in the future, there shall be no chances of its demolition.
It is mortgage-free and if not, then there has to be a water-tight sale contract which indicates, that by your payment for the property, pre-existing mortgages will be cleared by the vendor and in future, you won’t inherit that mortgage.

One of the most important factors in the sale of properties in Turkey is that the real estate market is competitive. It has to be kept in mind that like you there would be many other buyers, who are eyeing on the same property. So, how can you be ahead of other buyers?

Once you are through with your own thorough research and have narrowed down on your choice, you should start the finalization process quickly. The only reason for this is because sellers hardly wait for the buyers. They do not like to lose out on other potential buyers. Therefore, it is advised that while hunting through properties, you should also prepare the documents of local permits and local bank account, so that by the time you finalize the deal, your papers are ready. With the required documents and money in your hand, you can instantly purchase at the bargained price, avoiding problems of the fluctuating prices of the market and thereby, closing the deal immediately.

As a foreigner, it can be a challenge if you cannot speak or understand the local language. Furthermore, the legal formalities involved in the sale and purchase of properties in this country has several layers, which often gets confusing for the non-Turkish. Therefore, seeking help from genuine developers and lawyers, can save you time and protect you from being scammed by the sellers.

As a growing city, it offers everything for everyone i.e., from exorbitant to budgeted properties, one can find it all here. The key factor in finding the right property is its “accessibility”. This means that a property can be truly affordable if it is well connected with the essential services such as airports and major road links. Also, medical, educational, and transportation facilities are present around the vicinity.
Therefore, below are some localities that offer you affordable properties with all the essential amenities at the doorstep-
A perfect balance of subtle ambiance and the hustle-bustle, this city entices many foreigners as it offers beautiful natural landscapes along with a lively environment, making it a tourist and economic center. Also with a well-connected transportation system and access to the D400 highway running along the Mediterranean coast, this city offers varieties of properties on sale, which are both affordable and accessible.

This town is known for its uniqueness, as it offers winters in the Mediterranean, though mild but most certainly an attraction for many. Its scenic landscapes like the Blue lagoon in the Oludeniz district has given this place front-page coverage in many global publications. Despite of such limelight, one can still find varieties of apartments and villas on sale at affordable prices.

A business and tourism center, this city is the most preferred location for settling. It has emerged as the best establishment that has the confluence of modernity and heritage. On its European side, one would find themselves surrounded by the charms of a fast-paced life and on the Asian side, one would find calmness of nature. Furthermore, since the advent of new citizenship laws, it has been observed that there has been a huge growth in the sale of properties, as it offers apartments for sale in Istanbul, residential and commercial properties at affordable prices, making this city a haven for foreign investors.

We believe that the true essence of affordability is achieved only when the buyer’s interests are secure. Our services include a guided sale and purchase process with a detailed due-diligence report, so that our client invests money at the right property, only for its true value.
Furthermore, all official paperwork and legal formalities such as the transfer of sale deed and application for citizenship (if required) is done by our team and experienced lawyers, who make sure that our client’s interests are legally protected.
Please feel free to contact us for further details on affordable properties.

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