Winter comes with some of the major risk factors for heart diseases, respiratory diseases and highly contagious viruses. People often view the danger as hypothermia or frostbite. This dropped temperature during winter directly impacts your health and brings people of heart disease to maximum risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest.

Why heart attacks cases increase in winter?

Heart attacks are common in winter season. There are several theories mentioning the cause of heart attack in winter.

The main risk factor is body’s physiological mechanism – In human body, we have autonomic nervous system of which one component is sympathetic nervous system whose activation increases in winter and narrow our blood vessels, and this narrowing is called vasoconstriction. This also leads to increase in the blood pressure of body. Due to the vasoconstriction, the blood flow is decreased and the heart needs to work extra hard to pump the blood and keep the body temperature maintained. The cold wind in winter makes it difficult to keep the body’s temperature maintained and loose heat quickly which leads to hypothermia which can damage muscles of heart.

Another main risk factor is oxygen requirement – In winter season, the oxygen density in atmosphere becomes low. Hence, oxygen demand of heart increases. Due to vasoconstriction (narrowing of artery) and decreased temperature, the flow of blood restricts around the heart and so reduced amount of oxygen reach to heart and this demand supply mismatch may cause a heart attack.

Sometimes you may get affected by the one of these factors, physical inactivity or emotional stress which contributes to increased risk of heart attack in winters. So you should be more cautious and take extra precautions about it as per the top cardiologist of Lucknow.

Dress According To Weather: Cover Whole Body By Layer Of Clothes To Avoid Cold Specially Wear Hats, Gloves And Socks.

Keep Yourself Warm: Take A Short Break To Make Yourself Warm, If You Work Outside.

Limit Excess Alcohol: You Feel Warmer Than Actual After Consumption Of Alcohol Which May Lead To Increase Risk When You Are Outside.

Control Your Risk Factors Like Diabetes, Hyper Tension And Smoking.

Help Yourself: If You Found Any Irritation In Your Chest And Near Areas Then Don’t Delay In Reaching Hospital For Treatment.

Heart attack warning signs and symptoms:

If you feel a severe chest pain which is unbearable and radiating to your neck, shoulder and hand, it’s the most common symptom of heart attacks. Symptoms may vary for men and women. Men occasionally complain of nausea and dizziness whereas women complain of atypical symptom like dizziness and unexplained fatigue. Refer to below infographics for more details.

Stay healthy and keeping your heart health maintained is the most important thing which can help you live longer with activeness, here are a few tips for this winter season:

Eat Healthy Heart Diet
Regular Exercise For At Least 30 Minutes
Manage Your Stress
Maintain Your Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels Controlled.
If You Feel Something Irritating In Your Body, Meet Your Physician


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