A passport is a legal travel document that is given by a country's government to its citizens for traveling. It shows the legality of an individual's identity and nationality. You must have a passport for traveling to other countries and re-entry in your country.

It includes a traveler's name, gender, date of birth, photo, etc. In this piece of article, we will be discussing step by step process of how to change your name on a Canadian passport.

Reason of changing name on Passport:

Changing your name on a Canadian passport is a process. You have to fill up some forms which will be given by the government of Canada. The name on your Passport and other travel documents must be the same as the citizen certificate of Canada.

There are some reasons for changing the name on the Passport. Like,

o Changing the original name: If you have changed your original name (that means the name which is on your birth certificate or citizenship certificate), you have to apply for a new passport and pay all the fees needed.
o Changing relationship status: If you have a change in your relationship status like you have married or you are divorced, you have to change your name on your Passport.

For these reasons, you may have various reasons for changing your name on your Passport.

Process of changing the name on your Passport in Canada:

For changing your name on Passport, you have to follow these given steps. You will easily be able to apply for it online or by a person. You have to provide them all of the original documents or the photocopies. If you send them an original copy, they return it to you.

Fill in the application form: At first, you have to fill in forms by using your new name. If you want to change your full name on your Passport then you have to fill up the adult general passport application. In case of a travel document, you have to fill up adult travel document applications in Canada.

Return your Passport or travel document: If you still have your valid Passport or travel document with you, give it back. They will cancel it.

Identity: You have to give them the legal document which will certify your legal identity like name, gender, date of birth, signature, photo, etc. If you have any other identity like military id card, employee id card, tax certificate, driving license, etc. and any other foreign passport which meets their requirements, you can submit it to them. You can also identify yourself by giving your current valid Passport to them. It is compulsory to give them your current valid Passport.

By doing all those things, you can apply for change your name in your Canadian Passport. Once the process is finished, they will inform you accordingly.


The information on a passport is a serious issue. In many situations, you are bound to change it. But it's not a matter of being worried. We have given the easiest way how to change your name on Canada passport. Just carefully follow it.

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