Equipping your garden with a solar lamp post is good. Find the solar lamp really adapted to your needs, it's better! Technical criteria, such as the power, the ignition system or the service life are to be taken into account, but also aesthetic to adapt the style of your solar lamp to the style of your garden.
Trendy object of recent years, the solar lamp is more than a decorative element for the garden. It makes it possible to illuminate the exteriors without having to make a complex electrical connection. Discover without delay what you need to know in order to choose the right solar lamp post.

Several ignition systems for your solar street lamp

First of all, your solar street lamp must have several ignition systems: motion detection for passage areas, twilight if you want permanent lighting. Some models even adjust the detection radius and lighting time, ideal for a garden path!

Power and lumens of the solar street lamp

The number of lumens, therefore the number of LEDs, and their power are essential elements to determine the lighting power. Some high-end models with multiple leds provide 50-60 watt incandescent lighting.
For example, for general terrace lighting, opt for streetlights with Power leds capable of delivering more than 300 lumens. Streetlights with less than 150 lumens are to be reserved for the lighting of markings.

The battery life of your solar lamp

The brightness of the LEDs, and the type of battery of the device, that is to say its lifetime, are criteria to take into consideration. The autonomy and duration of lighting obviously depend on the sunlight but also the quality of the lamp.

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Different styles of solar street lights according to the use we make

In an alley, for a lighting of markup, choose high streetlights for a good diffusion of the light. To light an outdoor lounge, choose nomadic models to move them at your leisure. The light and plastic models are intended to be extra lighting because they do not stand up to the outside winds. Finally, the fixtures, stainless steel or steel and aluminum with a high IP can be used as garden lighting throughout the year.

A solar street lamp for a stylish garden

Do not forget that the look of the solar lamp also prints a deco style on your terrace: design, lounge or contemporary, you choose. For a preserved aesthetic, opt for models with remote solar sensor. Finally, check the kelvin temperature of the lamp before buying it: the LEDs of solar lights are sometimes very white and distill a cold light, to avoid for a pleasant ambient lighting.

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