Using professional copywriting services can make a big difference to the results you get from advertising and web marketing. However, for many small businesses, working with a copywriter is a new experience, so how do you decide which print, SEO or web copywriting professional you want to work with?

Don't choose copywriting services until you've spoken to at least a few professional writers.

This will give you an idea of ​​where they come from and what they can offer you. If you feel like you're both 'on the same page', that's a good indication that the writer might be right for you.

Whether your project involves print advertising or web copywriting, there are certain questions that your copywriter should ask, directly or only in conversation, that will indicate your writer's level of professionalism. Here are a few:

What does the project aim to achieve? What do you want the copy to do: get a direct response, raise awareness, direct people to a website?

Who is your audience? This is more than demographics. A copywriter must work to discover what really sets his audience apart. The better the writer knows them, the better he can write for them.

What is your unique selling proposition? What sets you apart? What do they offer that they know someone else offers? As writers, we often have to dig deep to discover what you do differently.

What are the benefits of your products or services? Once we know what makes it different, we can use the benefits your business offers to support the 'sale'.

These questions can be asked in several ways. And if you decide to go ahead and hire a writer, they will certainly tell you about them in more detail. (Remember, the more you can help with the answers, the better your copy will be.)

Do you need someone with professional writing experience in your industry?

In another article, I discuss why it's not so important that your writer have experience in your industry. Rather, what you should be looking for is an experienced writer in the medium you need copying for.

Radio, the press, the web and television often require very different approaches. A fantastic radio copywriter might have little idea of ​​the specific needs of web copywriting.

Look at his work, but pay more attention to references specifically related to his writing services.

The best copywriters can adjust their tone and style according to the task at hand. Looking through a portfolio of writers, you can find jobs that don't really 'match' the style you're looking for. But just because what you want is not represented, it does not necessarily mean that the writer cannot deliver it.

What's important here is how your clients felt about the job. Brilliant testimonials and references are a good guide to whether the writer really delivered what the client wanted.

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