Appreciation and gratitude at work are two very important things to show your colleagues and fellow employees. Sometimes it is so much better to show it then to say it. And what better way to show someone at work how much value their hard work and efforts than with a professional gift they can practically use and sentimentally cherish.

It can be a bit of a tricky task deciding on the perfect gift for a fellow colleague or client, especially if there is very little personal interaction outside of the working environment.

Here are a few steps you can take into consideration when choosing the perfect corporate gift for a fellow professional.

eep it practical

Consider the practicality of the gift you are choosing for somebody working in the same industry or profession field as you. Whether it be in the corporate, financial, or creative world - each sector will differ in terms of the gift you may choose to buy. For example, doctors and other professionals in the medical sector may very much appreciate medical notepads for them to make their essential and confidential healthcare and patients notes in. It may seem like a very obvious and outwardly practical gift, as opposed to one with deep sentiment, but it will still be just as appreciated when it comes to using in the workday.

Really think about what the person needs, whether on their job right now or in the future. An online course is another great idea of a practical gift. It can help to level-up the professional skills. For example, if they run an online business, they may appreciate a certificate to take a marketing course, that they can complete in their own time. Virtual webinars and classes can cost an arm and a leg, so they can make very thoughtful gifts for somebody working in the field who is looking to improve or further their skills professionally.

Make it personal

A simple gift can be turned into something a lot more special and thoughtful by simply personalizing it with your colleague’s name or initials. Engraving their name shows that you put in a lot of thought and consideration in making this gift unique for just them. This extra effort can go a long way and vastly improve or accelerate your relationship with the person. It can be something as simple as a briefcase or fountain pen with their initials marked somewhere, providing both practicality and sentimental value.

Leave a lasting impression

A final thing to consider is the impression you want the gift to leave on your recipient. Let’s say, for example, you are wanting to send a gift of appreciation to a client. Avoid sending a hamper of promotional material and marketing merchandise. This only boosts the reputation and name of your brand with very little personal touch from you as the gift giver. You want your client to remember you, not your business. So remember to leave a personal lasting impression, not a professional or promotional one.

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