Choosing a right desk converter If you sit for more than 6 hours a day, you increase your risk of dying an early death  Try Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter for better posture.

But what's even more horrifying?

Even if you work out -- and even if you seriously push yourself when you're in the gym -- you'll still be at risk for developing health problems like diabetes, obesity, joint, back, and neck pain, and heart disease.

Experts suggest that you should walk around for at least 5 minutes for every half hour you spend sitting at your desk. But for most office workers, this simply isn't realistic.

That's why now is the time to invest in a standing desk converter.

This is a device that sits underneath your office computer and allows you to move your computer to a higher level, so that you can stand while you work and avoid the dangers of sitting without stopping your work.

which desk converter is right for you?

Choosing the Right Standing Desk Converter
The golden rule when it comes to selecting the correct standing desk converter is to choose the model that improves and optimizes your posture and comfort for the type of computer you use.

This means that if you use a laptop for work (or even if you frequently work remotely or travel for business) you should look for a desk converter that's specifically designed for laptops.

But if you use a single or dual monitor desktop setup, look for a desktop-friendly converter.

Considering Adjustment Types
When you're looking into convertible standing desks, you'll also need to consider the different adjustment types.

You can choose a mechanical spring adjustment, which means that you smoothly squeeze a lever to lift or lower the height.

Especially for laptop converters, you can also manually adjust your converters and click it into the right place.

Finally, there are also electric converters, which work when plugged into a wall. You just press an up/down button to adjust the height, and you can even store your favorite positions for future use with a memory function.

Buy the Right Standing Desk Converter Using These Tips
The average American worker sits for roughly 13 hours every day.

The standing desk converter options mentioned in this post can help to improve your health, keep you comfortable, boost your posture, and even lead to an increase in productivity.

That is, as long as you have the right tools.

Browse through our incredible collection of standing desk converters, anti-fatigue mats, balance boards, and other ergonomic tools that will help to keep you safe, comfortable, and happy at work.

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