You don't have to collect or invest gold coins to have them. Many people obtain gold coins often without having any interest in them, in addition to a question that continues to be asked: how to collect gold coins.

There are a few places where you can sell your gold coins: jewelers, coin dealers, pawn shops, and of course you can sell them online. Any gold coin or any coin made of any precious metal has two parts of its value: the value of gold and the numismatic value (for bullion gold coins it can be only a premium over the value of gold in percentages).

The numismatic value of a coin can be affected by several factors: its grade (condition), its mintage (the number of coins issued) and its year of issue (how old it is). So obviously an older gold coin in mint condition minted in a very small number will be worth a lot more than a modern gold coin in poor condition minted in large numbers, that simple.

Before handing over your coin to any of the places mentioned above, you must find the correct value for your gold coin. The easiest way to do this is to have a coin catalog and be able to rate your coin properly, and if you had one and were able to sort them, you probably wouldn't be reading this article.

You can start by asking your local coin dealers, they may not give you the correct price, but at least you will have an idea of ​​what your coin is, what grade it is in and what value it is. Going to a jewelry store can be justified only if you don't have any coin dealer - they may know about the numismatic value of the coins, but they generally only give you their gold value, which can be relatively small compared to their numismatic value. Going to a pawn shop can hardly be justified, but I thought I'd mention this place anyway, at least for the sake of fairness.

After you have an idea of ​​what your coin is worth, you can do a little more research to find the value of your coin. Of course, you can just Google it, which is a good start, but another way to do it is to use ebay. Go to eBay, look for the coin and banknote category, and look for your coin (you must know this long after seeing your coin dealer). Searching through the current lists may not be enough, so click advanced search, check only the completed lists and search again. That should give you a better idea of ​​why similar coins are sold. For more visit here

You may also consider using the help of currency forums. There are many online (eg CoinForum), and the people on those forums can be very professional and helpful.

Please note that coin rating can greatly affect the price and whether the coin seller you saw said your coin is in very fine grade (VF) and is worth around $ 100 and found that a coin Similar in Extra Fine Grade (XF) sold for $ 300, you may have had the correct price for your coin.

After you have a better idea of ​​how much your coin is worth, you can begin to seriously consider selling it. Obviously, there are two ways to do this: If your coin dealer offered you more than you found, you can access eBay, than go to your coin dealer. Otherwise, sell it online (eBay or other online auctions), you may even consider selling it for $ 1 without reserve (eBay only), there are many people who made their business to continually see gold coin auctions, so Your coin will get sold at a fair price anyway (don't do it if you're not feeling adventurous).

Just keep one more thing in mind: some of the coins have varieties, which are very small distinguishing features of a coin that can make it worth much more than its usual counterparts, for example: a number in the coin year is longer that another number or space between two letters is not the same as between other letters. So if you find any oddities in your coin you will have to do more research and probably see more people to talk about your coin. Consider the possible and not very pleasant results of your research: If your coin is quite different from similar coins of the same type, it may be fake, but generally coin dealers can point it out right away.

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Just keep one more thing in mind: some of the coins have varieties.