How To Communicate With Husband Without Fighting: I Can't Talk To My Husband Without Him Getting Angry

Verbal exchanges are the important in maintaining a workable marital union. Inevitable, once couples begin to experience communication problems in marriage, then a subsequent breakdown in their marriage is practically inevitable, thereafter. Therefore, being able to maintain a good rapport with your spouse is indeed a very crucial factor in saving your marriage.

Once adequate communication is absent, then quite naturally, misunderstandings will occur. A very common scenario in most marriages is that most couples fail to grasp the power of compromise, as a result, they resort to arguing instead of sorting through their problems. Having arguments is definitely a must in any relationship, whether or not it is sealed by matrimony. In fact having occasional spats in a relationship can be considered to be even healthy. However, be concerned if you notice that the arguments with your spouse have somehow increased in intensity as well as frequency.

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Communication is one of the solid building blocks upon which any relationship or partnership is based, therefore, once this goes, you can expect that you will encounter further problematic areas further along. Lack of proper communication with your spouse will cause you to suffer as an individual. Maybe you constantly get the feeling that your partner does not listen to what you have to say. Maybe you are now at a place where you just feel as if it is pointless to even bother holding a conversation if you really feel that your opinion is not being heard.

The gender clash does contribute to the issue in most situations. This manifests itself especially when there are misunderstood viewpoints as well as expressions concerning issues which easily cause quarrels and might even be the demise of what was once a vibrant, healthy relationship.

However, in spite of the actual cause of communication difficulties within your marital life, the good news is that with just a little effort most of your issues can certainly be remedied and you will be able to work on repairing the relationship, instead of putting out little fires. Incidentally, when you have applied the proven techniques available and have solved the communication problems within your marriage, then you will inevitably find that other deep seated issues will naturally be resolved as well.

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After what I went through in my own marriage a few years ago I have offered advice to over 15,000 people through the various articles I've written on how to save a marriage from divorce. Although there is a lot I have said and even more I still plan to say, I would like to offer you my top 3 powerful tips to change your relationship now. If your marriage is as troubled as mine was, then this might be the most important advice you ever get.

I need to tell you right up front that if you are looking for "expert" advice from a counselor or doctor, then I'm not your guy! As a matter of fact, the so-called expert advice me and my wife were getting nearly destroyed our marriage! We tried two different marriage counselors who both preached about communication skills. Well, we did what they told us but our improved communication skills just taught us to fight better!

I was shocked when I later learned that traditional marriage counseling only has about a 20% success rate in improving bad marriages. And these people call themselves doctors? Would you go to a doctor if you knew he or she was only curing 2 out of every 10 patients? Me neither! It probably explains why our divorce rate is so high.

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Well, I won't waste your time going in to all the details of my awful marriage. I'll just say that my wife told me one day she wanted a divorce and even though I was unhappy too, I still didn't want my marriage to be over. I still loved her very much and we had built a life together! I wanted to save my marriage from divorce but had no idea how. I kept reverting back to the advice counselors had given me, but that would blow up in my face every time!

After nearly blowing it and losing everything, I discovered 3 powerful tips that I'll share with you now:

1. DO NOT beg and plead with your spouse to try and save the marriage or give you another chance!

2. Lovingly and confidently convey to your spouse that you love them enough to let them go. Do not push because they will invariably pull away!

3. Be prepared to take action steps, say and do things that may feel like the complete opposite of what you think you should be doing!

The key is not waiting for this problem to go away on its own. Wishing and hoping is a recipe for disaster! You need to take action now to save a marriage from divorce. Your actions over the next few days and weeks will be critical.

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How to stay happy in marriage can be a difficult question to answer because there are so many problems and issues that need to be overcome in any marriage that are totally unique and sometimes need to be approached in different ways. There is however one simple tip to marital bliss that you can apply in nearly all situations!

What is this tip that can apply to all sorts of marital difficulties including money, sex, relatives, responsibilities and more?

Throw away the scorecard!

What is a scorecard? This is the mental tally we all are guilty of keeping from time to time of hurt feelings and revenge. When your spouse yells at you; you remember it and add it to the scorecard. When you find they have shirked their household duties; you remember it and add another. When your spouse buys another set of expensive clothes without consultation; you remember and tick another box.

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What do we think this achieves? Some think it is just important to know about issues in a relationship and this is true but mostly what we do with these scorecards is try to make it even.

Your partner yells at you, you yell back or you do something to hurt them. Your husband does not do the dishes again so you do not iron his clothes. Your wife buys another set of shoes without telling you so you feel entitled to go on a late night drinking spree with the boys.

Is this how to stay happy in marriage? Perhaps you can see the answer ...

There is one thing to remember with marital scorecards. They do not solve anything. They do not bring about change. They just start a cycle of revenge, poor communication and emotional blackmail and what makes it even worse is your spouse never knows YOUR tally and you do not know THEIRS either. This means you will never get even and you never should.

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I sometimes hear from wives who are getting the feeling that their separated husband might be thinking about coming home. But unfortunately, something seems to be stopping him from taking a step in that direction. Sometimes, the wife suspects that his pride is keeping him from following his heart.

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband and I separated following a huge and nasty fight. We have fought about silly things before and both later calmed down. But this fight is one that still feels very fresh. My husband and I allowed one of his old friends to live with us for about three weeks until his new home was ready to move into. I actually didn't want this, but I knew that my husband was close to this person and would feel guilty if we didn't open our doors to this guy. So I agreed to it even though I didn't like it. Well, three weeks ended up being about two months. Because my husband is never home early during the week, the other guy and I became pretty good friends. I noticed that this bugged my husband but I figured once the guy's home was ready and he moved out, everything would return to normal. One day, the other guy had told me a joke and I began to burst out laughing. My husband returned home right after this and neither of us noticed that he had walked through the door until several minutes later. My husband got jealous and didn't talk to either of us for days. Nothing inappropriate happened and frankly I was absolutely furious that my husband acted like a child over this. We got into several huge fights over this and things got so bad that he eventually asked for a separation and moved out. His jealousy made him believe that I didn't respect or appreciate him. I was just so angry that he didn't trust me that I never tried to keep him from leaving. Well, he's been away from home for about two months. For the last week, he's been calling a lot. We had dinner together two nights last week. I believe that he is softening his stance and probably wants to come home. However, he hasn't said anything about this or made any actual moves toward this. I believe that his pride is getting in the way. I believe that he's too proud to ask to come home because that would insinuate that he has done something wrong. I want him to come home and I think that this whole thing is silly. But I don't think that it's fair for me to have to ask or beg him to come home because I am not the one who initiated this in the first place. What should I do?"

The issue of pride during a marital separation is a very common one. It seems that no one wants to be the first one to mention coming home. No one wants to feel this vulnerable or to face potential rejection. And so both people remain silent and become frustrated. And some even make unfortunate assumptions that make things much worse. That's why I believe that it's important that you handle this in the right way. I will discuss this more in the following article.

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Ask Yourself Which Is More Important: Saving Your Marriage Or Preserving Your Pride: I understand that the wife felt that it was the husband who was allowing his pride to keep him away from his family. But when you think about it, she was a bit guilty of this also. She didn't want to be the one who took the initiative because she felt that he almost deserved to have to swallow his pride and speak up. In this way, she was almost as guilty of score keeping as he was. And this frankly doesn't help any one.

There is a way to bring up the topic without it appearing that you are groveling or "giving in" and I will discuss that very shortly. But you need to ask yourself if your pride or your principles are more important to you than your marriage. Sometimes, you have to keep your eye on the prize and worry only about the bigger picture.

A Way To Bring Up His Coming Back Home Without Appearing To "Give In" Or To Grovel: If you feel that you are going to need to be the one to take the initiative but don't want to appear that you are giving in, there's a way to do this and still keep your pride in tact. The next time that your husband and you are having dinner or interacting in a positive way, you could say something like "have you thought about what you want in the future? It seems to me that things are cooling down and improving between us. Frankly, I hate that it has come to this. I love you and I know that you love me. It seems a little silly that we are living apart. Of course, when you return home is your own decision and I'm certainly not trying to pressure you. The pace is truly up to you. But I'm not angry anymore and it seems to me that you aren't either. So I'm a bit puzzled as to why our living arrangements haven't changed."

Then you just wait and see what he has to say. He may agree with you and be relieved that someone has finally broke the tension. Or he might become defensive or rehash the argument. But no matter what he does, remain calm and allow him to say whatever he has to say. Avoid telling him that he was being silly or that he overreacting. Never say "I took you so." And make sure that when the conversation is finished, the mood is a positive one. If you can do this successfully, the odds are good that no one's pride will be in the way of your marriage.

Don't Forget About The Issues That Forced The Separation In The First Place: Of course, the goal is to break the stale mate and to get him to come home. But there's a real risk in him coming home without really resolving anything. Remember that there is still the issue of him not trusting his wife and of him feeling not respected or loved enough. Although there is no need to dwell on this so much that you reignite the problem, there is a need to settle these issues so that they don't sneak up on you again. And these problems will generally work themselves out when you place your focus on strengthening your marriage so that you have more confidence in it.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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