While having a house design and structure that you like is important and forms the foundation, a great home is more than just walls and floor plans. To really complete your house and make it into a true home, you need to create a look in your house. Without that look, a house is just a house, not a home. So, how do you create a vibrant look, anyway? Below are some ideas on how to do just that.

Figure out Your Game Plan

This is an important step in transforming your house and giving it a look. A game plan consists of several elements. One step is to determine what styles of interior design you like. Do you want to go for a more rustic feel, or perhaps a more modern look? There is a wide variety of design styles that can give your house a vibrant look. The next step in the game plan is figuring out a budget. Set a realistic budget and try to work within your parameters.


This is a simple yet important way to take a dull room and make it vibrant. Colors can absolutely change the mood and feel of a room in a variety of ways, such as whether the room feels expansive or closed in. Experiment with colors you like. That being said, having a general understanding of what colors go best with one another can be helpful in tying the room or house together.

Lighting and Air

Along with paint, lighting is a critical component to the atmosphere of a room. Think of the difference between soft yellow light and harsh fluorescent light. The different between the two is enormous and can completely change the feel of an area. Make sure to use lighting that works for your space. Do not forget natural light coming from windows as well. That being said, if you live in a hot area and use natural light, make sure to keep up on your air conditioner maintenance. Don’t forget about things like temperature and air flow as well. Make sure to perform regular air conditioning maintenance on your unit so your home will stay clean and fresh.

Furniture and Decoration

Once color and lighting have been taken care of, it’s time to move on to the furniture and decorations. These elements are the finishing touches to a space and can help complete the vibrant feel of a room or area.

A house with no look or character is simply a house, not a home. Though some effort and thought will be required, creating a great feel to your home can be well worth it. Hopefully, by following the simple steps outlined above, you can complete your home with a vibrant look.

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