When it comes to networking and branding, nothing is more important than a well-designed business card. It does not take a lot of effort to print your business cards. But designing the right card is vital to make the first impression count. From small businesses to retailers and global organizations, a business card can do a lot for your brand and your connections. If you haven’t got a card that you can hand out to potential customers or clients, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Follow these tips below to create business cards that leave a lasting impression.

Placement of elements
The placement of your logo, name, company name and contact details must be in order. Make sure your logo stands out, even from a great distance. Place your name and contact details in such a way that people can quickly find them on the business card. The simpler you keep the design and leave enough space between the data, the easier it is to read.

Front and back
Fortunately, you see it more and more, a business card with a printed front and back. Because it is a shame to leave that back blank, if it could have some extra information on it. For example, you can put your slogan there or products / services that you offer. Too bad not to do anything with this, as it makes little difference to the printing costs.

When you give the business card to someone, it is important that the material feels good. This is partly decisive for the first impression. Choose a material that feels firm (for paper at least 300 grams). Your business card feels good and gives the impression that it can last a while. Some cards are already crumpled when you get home.

You have to put a relatively large amount of information on a fairly small card. Do not make the mistake by putting the data on the business card very small. For many people it is difficult to read and of course you want to prevent that. Therefore choose at least a font size of 9 to 10 points, depending on the font you use.

Use of color
The most important thing is that you also apply the colors and style of your corporate identity to your business card. Use these colors wisely. I regularly come across business cards where there is not enough contrast between the background and text. With enough light it is still hard to read, but under other circumstances actually not. So pay close attention to this. To check if you have enough contrast, you can print the design at home. Then you are reasonably sure that it is good.

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Misty Jhones