Wordpress is one of the user-friendly and top rated platform that comes with a mobile friendly and self hosted website which you can customize using thousands of plugins and themes available.
You may have noticed frequent updates in Wordpress and in continuation to the past updates there is this release of Wordpress 5.0 available for its users.
You may have a few questions about the new release so let take a look at different questions and their answers that may hit your mind after hearing about Wordpress 5.0 update

What's new in WordPress 5.0 Development Cycle?

You may notice a set of changes in WordPress 5.0 Development Cycle and they are given below

The main objective behind the new platform to build an instinctive experience for its users.
Certain improvements will be seen in Wordpress 5.0 update like Wordpress Rest API which allows the developers to create applications easily while utilizing the platform like a framework
The custom themes building would be much easier. With the help of Gutenberg, creating themes will become quite easy and the credit goes to the blocks.

What features possible with WordPress 5.0?

Well, looking at the features included in WordPress 5.0, you can’t wait to know its release date. The question is asked by many Wordpress users as the release date was planned to be somewhere between April- May 2018. But, the WordPress 5.0 release date
can face delays and Wordpress users have to wait for couple of months more this year before they could unleash and experience the new features incorporated in WordPress 5.0.

Gutenberg & Plug-in – It is one of the interesting feature that you will be able to enjoy with WordPress 5.0 release. It is a wonderful editor that would optimize the visual presentation plus the content.
Security update – Of course the security measures are always a concern when it comes to websites. Wordpress has taken a step further to enhance the security measures in the latest release as well.
Front-end- editor- front end editor will allow users to edit the posts while working on the page itself. Front end editor is certainly user-friendly and lighter as compared to the visual composer seen in last editions.
Mobile optimization- Wordpress authority is working towards enhancing the mobile experience.
Crop the image in background – Now you can crop the image much before it goes live on your site. It will save your time and efforts too.

Looking at the amazing features of Wordpress 5.0 any WordPress development company would want to implement them in their projects.

Now even clients who know about the release of Wordpress 5.0 would look forward to best WordPress Solutions for their future projects.

Make sure that while looking out for any WordPress developer for hire check with them if they are using the new release of Wordpress 5.0. Many developers in countries like China, USA, UK, Canada, Australia would be waiting for the new release as it will ease out the process of development.

Hire WordPress development company for ecommerce Support

When you decide to hire a company for ecommerce assistance make sure you hire WordPress development company so that your site can be built in Wordpress 5.0 using its incredible features.

Those who have experienced its support feature know that they always get best WordPress Support in return.

If you are business and want your website built then it can be great idea to choose Wordpress platform. Hire a Wordpress developer with vast experience in Wordpress so that you can optimize the features of Wordpress for building your site. Indeed it is the simple platform with super easy interface.

When you hire an expert Wordpress developer you are assured that your business needs are met in terms of strategy, planning, technology and implementation.

Any professional WordPress development company would suggest you Wordpress platform for your ecommerce set up. Undoubtedly, it is the most trusted and used platform.

Content blocks make it happen

The Wordpress 5.0 update has given importance to rich content. Hence the content blocks feature included in the latest edition changes the way how developers, hosts and users work with Wordpress. It helps users build a site that is rich in content, instinctive and simpler. You can use the block format to assign a headline and can keep the primary content or images in another block. The features that are expected in new edition of Wordpress help you build a website flawlessly without having much of technical knowledge.

In order to understand the new Wordpress update better you can download the detailed guide so that you can learn the aspects of the new release. With advancement in web development you need something that is faster, quick and convenient. Wordpress 5.0 is the latest edition that helps you achieve web development seamlessly.

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Wordpress is one of the user-friendly and top rated platform that comes with a mobile friendly and self hosted website which you can customize using thousands of plugins and themes available.