CompTIA PenTest+ Certification is a brand-new CompTIA certification which enhances the most-up-to-date penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and management skills. This certification aims to offer the freshers in IT Security with a clear route into a career in penetration testing. PenTest+ Certification is especially beneficial for professionals who perform penetration tests to find, exploit, report and manage vulnerabilities on a network.
The PenTest+ certification exam includes both multiple-choice and performance-based questions.Therefore, candidates have to be prepared to face multiple-choice questions, and they also need to perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessment tasks.

The CompTIA PenTest+ exam domains are:
• Planning and Scoping – 15%
• Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification – 22%
• Attacks and Exploits – 30%
• Penetration Testing Tools – 17%
• Reporting and Communication – 15%

Here are some of the suggestions that will help the professionals in earning their CompTIA PenTest+ Certification:
Get friendly with the exam details, formats and syllabus
It is not wise to attempt an exam without knowing the details. Reading a lot about PenTest+ certification and everything related to the syllabus will help in facing the exam confidently.

Bridge the gap between existing knowledge and the required knowledge
It is important to asses one’s knowledge before starting to prepare for the exam. This assessment makes one realise how much more learning is required to cover up the entire syllabus for the certification.

Practice is the key to success
CompTIA PenTest+ Practice questions are available on CompTIA’s official website. The more one practices for the exam, the better he/she gets to know the answers and details to deal with the exam.
It is also suggested to join a training course for in-depth understanding of each domain included in the exam.

Seek expert guidance

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