When choosing a country to relocate, the idea of ​​immigrating to Australia most often comes to the minds of citizens from all over the world. And this is not surprising. The country has the cleanest air, a unique variety of flora and fauna, rich natural resources, and the standard of living is one of the highest in the world. Follow to learn more about how to emigrate to Australia.

According to statistics, about a quarter of the inhabitants of Australia are immigrants from other countries. In 2018, the mainland population is about 24.6 million people. Among them, an impressive number of various ethnic groups and representatives of various religions.

Along with residents of other countries, people from all over the world are seeking to live in Australia. And we must pay tribute to the Australian government, the country has created quite affordable immigration programs, in particular, for qualified specialists.

Australia is working hard to build a flexible and vibrant economy. Actively participates in international organizations and establishes trade relations with foreign partners. All this creates additional conditions for the influx of migrants that can contribute to the development of the state. This article will discuss how to emigrate to Australia most of western countries. Let's consider the main options.

Immigration Programs in Australia

To immigrate to Australia, you need to get an immigrant visa - a visa that automatically gives the right to permanent residence in Australia. A feature of the immigration process is that you can apply for a visa online. Submission of biometric data is the only stage at which you will need to visit the Australian representative office because even the candidate receives a visa by e-mail.

However, this does not mean that immigration to Australia is quick and easy. The candidate will need to collect a lot of documents, the preparation of which may take longer than applying for the visa itself: this is a certificate of English proficiency, and confirmation of professional qualifications by the Australian side, and an invitation from the employer ... For this reason, you should start preparing for immigration in advance, but take your time buying tickets is not worth it.

So how can I go to Australia? the available methods of immigration to this country are usually by employment visa, business visa, educational visa, as part of a family, and refugee status.

The easiest one is a professional visa. To attract qualified professionals from around the world, Australia has come up with a separate immigration method for professionals using the Skilled Independent Visa (189). Professional (independent) immigration differs from regular labor in that the candidate does not need to have an invitation from the employer in the country of immigration. The Immigration Service evaluates the Expression of Interest claimant's application on the SkillSellect portal, where he talks about himself and his qualifications.

A professional may also request the support of a state or state or territory. If he is chosen, he will be able to apply for a Skilled Nominated Visa (190). A candidate’s application must score at least 65 points in a special point test (189, 190.) to be invited to apply for a visa. For professional immigration to Australia, you must know English at least at level B2 and confirm higher education and work experience. It will allow you to receive an Australian visa.

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