The service provided by Google through its YouTube community platform is really broad in the multimedia field, since although many novice users consider it as a space on the Internet where they can watch videos of all kinds and even share their own achievements audiovisual , the truth is that many assume that the service arrives there.

However, YouTube also offers us the possibility to enjoy music, not only through the projection of live recitals, but also by directly or indirectly approaching the artists that exhibit not only their videos, but also their music in a more traditional format.

Listen to music on YouTube easy and fast
In principle, one of the easiest ways to listen to music on YouTube is to go to the service website to the section for this, that is, by accessing the channel called “# Music” that the community has, a channel automatically generated by the system YouTube video detection, which groups all the music that is uploaded to the platform.

To do this, on the YouTube homepage we scroll down the suggestions, and we will find a section where the suggestions of that channel are shown, as well as the direct link to the YouTube music channel.

Among the thousands of services of this type, one that stands out is, which you can find in this link , and which is basically a website where you have a fantastic organizer of all the music and playlists that They can be found on YouTube, and the best thing is that it gives us the ability to play the content we want to listen to through a player that has an interface similar to the most popular and used desktop players.

Tools for listening to Gospel Music on YouTube
Another interesting option is MixTube , which you can find here , which allows us to create audio playlists, which can be entirely customized to our tastes. If what we want is to create playlists of videos, then the best option is PlisTUBE , which does the same as MixTube but with videos.

In the case of the popular Turntubelist service , its success lies in the fact that it is considered one of the best music tools for DJ-style mixing, since it gives us the possibility of creating incredibly professional mixes with the music of YouTube videos. If you are interested you can find it here .

Songs and lyrics
Finally, for those who are interested, in addition to listening to a song and watching a music video, also having the possibility to read the lyrics of them , the best option is to use the service provided by YouLyrics, which we can Access from this link .

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