“By answering 3 important questions”

If we want to thrive it’s important that we contemplate who we are. All the spiritual texts talk about this but only a few people ever answer these 3 important questions. And by answering these questions we bring about peace of mind, joy, and great power. Read More…

Where Does My Happiness Come From? - This is a vital question that needs to be answered in order to find true happiness. Most people have happiness come and go but there are just few that discover the reality of where happiness comes from. And most of them only discover the answer to this question via contemplation and meditation. Worldly pleasure brings fleeting moments of joy, but those that find true joy deep down inside don’t need to have joy brought to them from the outer world… they are happy from the inside out. And the more one meditates the more joy one feels and eventually a person feels full of great happiness.

What is My Purpose in Life? - On the average, most people wander through life without a clue as to their spiritual purpose on this plane. But this one answer can change a person’s life and turn it completely around. I remember at one time I thought I was a technical person and I worked in research. But after having some spiritual experiences, and ups and downs in life, I knew without a doubt that my purpose was to help people in some way. Thus knowing my purpose put me on the path towards becoming a spiritual teacher and master herbalist. We all made spiritual pledges before we were born to accomplish some task in this life. How do we do we find out our purpose? Explore, experience life, do as much as possible to do new and different things and learn about yourself. Meditation is very important because it will open up areas of the mind that are blocked and thus allow one’s purpose to be found.

Who AM I? - Just about every person who goes to see a spiritual teacher, guru, or spiritual master will be asked to answer this question. Who am I? And it’s important to delve deep down inside to find the answer to that question. This is not a superficial question, most people never get to this place of understanding because they are consumed with all the workings of the world and forget about all the spiritual implications of their life. So ponder this question and find out who you are… this may take months or even years to answer this question with a huge degree of certainty.

Start going inward, learn meditation, take the time to contemplate life, and within a short while true inner joy will take over and great peace will settle in.

Many Blessings My Friends

Dr. Paul Haider

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