Choosing the right hair transplant Surgeon is one of the most concerning tasks in the hair transplant procedure that decides the success of the procedure. The evaluation done by the patient via in-depth searching and research process makes the thing possible in the context of choosing the right Surgeon for the treatment. The introspection not only just done by the Doctor, but it is the specific task for the patients also. It is advisable to consult as many Surgeons and check their degree, recognition, and accreditation in order to find the best one!

Finding a Hair Transplant Surgeon
You may take the help from both online as well as offline medium to choose the best Surgeon as the reputed one weighs a handsome hair transplant cost. The reference works even better than the personal evaluation is because of their practical aspect that only revealed by the past patients. The former patient of a particular Surgeon/Doctor can tell you about a Doctor’s perfection and proficiency. So, a referral works as a positive way to find the best Surgeon. The worst way to choose the Surgeon is through aggressive marketing gimmick. Always keep this thing in mind that choosing a Surgeon cannot influence by the promotion because the result, says about the truth of the things. So, stay away from the marketing gimmick while planning for a hair restoration surgery.

The Surgeon’s Contribution and Certificates
First of all, a Surgeon must be a board-certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon. It is an ideal way to select the Surgeon because only plastic & cosmetic Surgeons are allowed performing the hair restoration procedure. Only certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons can best diagnose the scalp condition and the hair loss status, which helps in deciding the best technique for the procedure and of course, supports the successful outcomes of a restoration procedure.

Tips to Consider at Your Preoperative Consultation:
• Make sure you are actually being evaluated by the Surgeon

It is important to note that who going to take your consultation are! Most of the reputed clinics made the possibility of an online consultation as the surgeons are heavily occupied by the present set of works and session. So, you can consider the online consultation if you are planning to receive the procedure with a recognized hair transplant Surgeon. Otherwise, you can go for the offline consultation. Never consider the professionals or a marketing man for the hair transplant consultation.

• Must ask the question regarding the percentage of patients recommended for Surgery
The question regarding the percentage of surgical treatment must ask by the patients as it clarifies the things about the Surgeon’s judgment and skills. The percentage of operating patients tells you about the perfection and expertise of the Surgeon. A good surgeon is one who takes the logical decision as according to the patient’s state of hair loss, age, and available donor area to plant an aesthetic hair restoration surgery.

• Must go through a thorough Examination of your Scalp Check
It is mandatory to undergo for a thorough scalp evaluation in order to know about the state of hair loss, available donor strength as well as the type of hair that overall decides the technique of a hair restoration procedure. Beware of those Surgeons who take a quick decision of surgery just after a random scalp evaluation.

Summarizing all, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration needs perfection and proficiency from a Surgeon’s side that is responsible for giving the natural outcomes of the procedure.

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Smeeth John is an expert author for medical content, giving contributions to the Medispa hair transplant centre as a hair transplant consultant and having more than a decade experience in writing content to different fields as a part of their passion for building an in-depth knowledge about the Hair Transplant.