Weight gaining is a task a lot of people find extremely difficult, for lot of reasons. The reasons range from a lack of willpower to bad intelligence. If you do not have grit, there will be serious problems, because it takes a great amount of effort to put mass on. Change cost. You have to push yourself, eat appropriately, be discipline. If you do not lift, eat, rest, drink water, constantly, you will fail the mission. Protein shakes are good before and after work outs, before you go to sleep and as a substitute if time becomes a issue. You should watch your intake, you do not want to many shakes. Use your intelligence. You have to read and become knowledgeable about your venture. If you want to see the treasures, you have got to be able to read a map(knowledge) and own grit(willpower) to pursue the target. If you have the combination of grit and knowledge, you will conquer anything you wish, including weight gain.


When they say a person has willpower they are saying the person does not give up, he is a fighter. A lot of people were born with it, others acquired it from life experiences. So it can be developed. There are many ways to express grit in the gym. Some people are calm, when they lift. They are focus, and breathe correctly. Others are more talkative, aggressive, the vocal type. Lifting with a partner is great because you will get more out of the workout. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, anything to bring the best out of you and your partner. Change comes from hard work inside of the gym and the dedication the individual have to going to the gym.


You have to read on proteins, calories, carbohydrates(the good and bad ones), vitamins, ... Knowledge is power! you can have the greatest work out in the world, the greatest routine but if you are not eating right, it will be a dud. You are what you eat. there are rules and if you, think you can cheat the system, you will learn a long hard lesson. READ on how to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, because all of this plays a role in the effects you will receive from your work out. Applying the correct knowledge, is the key, whether in the gym or toward the diet. So be particular who you listen to, check references or look at the amount of success they have.


* Eat 5-6 times a day

* Every other day follow this routine, 5 sets/5 reps squats, 5 sets/5 reps bench, then stomach exercise.
5 sets/5 reps squats, 5 sets/reps of military press, 5 sets/5 reps dead lifts,
then stomach exercise.

1-3 minutes rest between exercises. Follow the exercise routine for 90 days and then try another one.

If you stick firm to the exercise routines, the intelligence, you will definitely gain 25 pounds in a year, give or take. Remember you have to eat. Eating is 70% of percent of it all. If you don't eat, You will not get the weight up, period. You use to have a 6-pack, now it is gone.. sorry but you need a bigger stomach to hold the calories, proteins and such. Would you rather be 120 with a 6-pack or a solid 175 with a pudgy stomach. You are carving you body, you have to bulk it up, then you cut it up. The picture in this article is me at 172-175 bulked up. I gained 25 pounds every year. I had no coach, I used supplements(protein shakes@vitamins), asked questions everywhere and showed up with a great attitude. I was approx. 120 pounds cut, but I was uncomfortable with the weight, and my body shape/posture. I was shopping, passed by a window, seen my reflection and I was like no-no, I got to change this and I did. You can do the same, it is not easy but it is definitely possible. Elevation.

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I am a man of many talents ranging from music production to promotions. I have been been creating something musically or doodling, since I remember. I have played in school bands, created bands in junior high(middle school), break danced, skateboarded, took karate, and judo. I seen all city, got first place trophies at Chuck Norris tournaments, or won(placed in) talent shows. I have been very active all of my life with something. I have been in Job Core, the Military(Army National Guard), so I feel I am artistic and discipline in many ways. My focuses now are writing, music and various forms of production.