You already have built an e-commerce store and are open for selling. You can see that your store is gaining huge traffic due to your reliable digital marketing techniques. Everything seems set for you, and yet you aren’t making many sales. There could be various reasons why your online store isn’t generating as much sales conversion from your traffic as you it should. Of all the varied reasons, the trust could be a major one. With the rise of e-commerce, online frauds have also been on a rise. People may not be able to trust your new store so easily. For this, you have to aim at building gradual trust in the minds of your users.

Here are a few factors which will increase the customer’s trust in your e-commerce shop and increase sales-
1. The Quality of your Services and Products:

If you offer excellent quality products and services to your customers, it will help you establish yourself as a reliable and dependable brand. If people can see that they get a good value for their money, they won’t hesitate to buy from you.

2. The Human Factor on Your Website

Is your website so tech-savvy and automated that it completely lacks personality? I guess that is where you could be wrong. Even when people are buying online, they want to see real people behind it. Show some personality on your e-commerce store. Have an interesting about us section which shows that your real people offering the services.

3. Multiple Payment Gateways

Users may abandon their cart immediately if they don’t see their preferred payment options. They will also be opposed to paying with the limited options you have and breed a lack of trust. Win your guests over with multiple secure payment gateways.

4. Multiple Currency Options

Your online store is visible all over the world. It would be unwise to offer only a few currencies for making payments. Boost Sales with multiple Currency Options and personalize all invoices as per their currency settings.


A well- defined and detailed FAQ will go a long way toward building credibility among your users. If they can see that you can easily solve their doubts by the FAQ sections than they will be more inclined to buy from you. Clearly define and answer every query that your customers may have about your products and services in your FAQ pages.

6. Reviews.

Reviews hold a special influencing space in the users' mind. Before actually buying anything, people will want to know what others are saying about you. Use them to your advantage and try to get as many reviews as possible. Encourage your customers to write reviews for your products. You can even integrate a review tab on your online store so that people can easily see all the good things others are saying about you and boost your sales quickly.

Buiding a successful online store and generating increasing revenues takes constant efforts. We at Bazarbit help you create online stores will come equipped with features like Multiple Secure Payment Gateways and Review tAbs. We even offer digital marketing services to make your mark on the online front. Grow your business with us.


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