Completing a nursing school is only half the battle. Although nursing jobs demonstrate positive job outlook, it’s still tough to get hired if you’re a new grad with no paid experience. Like in any other field, employers are more willing to hire nurses that don’t require much training.

So, how do you land your first job as a nurse? Today’s article will share some actionable steps that you can take in your job search right now to increase your chances for success. Moreover, many graduates refer to nursing resume writing services such as Professional writers from these services help new graduates to get noticed by top employers by writing high-quality, persuasive resumes for them.

7 steps to get a job as a new grad nurse

Treat job-seeking as a full-time job
How many hours every day do you spend on activities connected with the job search? Professional nursing resume writers recommend that you treat the search process as a full-time job. You need to spend hours every day searching for opportunities, networking, applying, following up and interviewing to get tangible results soon. If you cannot spend eight hours on these activities every day, spend as much as your schedule allows.

Fine-tune your resume
New grads often fail to write a strong resume that would market them well. An entry-level resume should be focused on your education, coursework, and academic successes. You also need to list your clinical rotations and unpaid experience, such as volunteering. Does writing a resume on your own sounds too challenging? Consider contacting an online service near you and say “Do my CV for me at a cheap pay!” With a good resume, you’ll get more job opportunities.

Capitalize on unpaid experience
Make sure that the resume highlights your knowledge and skills you’ve gained through academic projects or internships. List the coursework and research relevant for your target job. Expand on your internships, clinical rotations or volunteering projects – tell exactly what your responsibilities were. If you manage to show that these experiences have taught you practical skills, you’ll get more considerations than other fellow nursing graduates.

Stand out with a persuasive cover letter
Cover letter in nursing is more than just a formality. It shows your motivation to apply for this particular role, gives a chance to reveal your personality or impress the employer in any other way. If writing isn’t your cup of tea, again, the best nursing resume writing services could be the solution. It’s legal – just buy your purchase and a qualified US or UK writer will assist. At an affordable cost, the writer will make a custom letter that presents your personality and strengths to the employers.

Boost your interviewing skills
Work on your interviewing and self-presentation skills simultaneously as you apply for jobs. Research the common interview questions – it will help you put your thoughts in order and prepare smart answers. Prepare an appropriate attire, learn more about the prospective employer and show up on time. It often happens that the employers hire not the best qualified and certified candidate but someone who managed to make a great impression.

Stay in touch with your alumni
Maintain the connections with your college, professors and peers. Firstly, it’s great for networking – your alumni can tell you about the opportunities you wouldn’t learn about otherwise. And secondly, hospitals often send postings to schools directly, so if you are informed about the new job postings, you can apply though college and become a priority candidate, recommend the best nursing CV writers.

Broaden your options
Maybe, you’d like to obtain a full-time nursing job as soon as possible, but don’t be too picky. Your goal as a new nurse is to gain experience in the first place. So, to get that experience faster, you might want to consider other options, such as part-time openings, internships, or the positions outside your area. Expanding your options will help you get hired faster, but be sure to gain the experience that aligns with your long-term professional goals.

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