So you and your ex have been broken up for some time. Maybe the separation was so bad that both of you swore never to see each other again. Maybe you're in the process of using the No Contact Rule. Either way, you came up with the conclusion that your ex is still important and that you want them back. Here, I'll show you how to get an ex back after months without seeing or talking to each other.

There are basically three stages to this plan and although this plan isn't perfect (no plan is), it will give you the best chances out of all the others.

How to Get an Ex Back after Months by Reviving Contact

The first thing you have to do is contact them again. To do this, you can try looking for an excuse that will make it OK for you to contact them.

The excuse could basically be anything. You can try calling them up and telling them that you found a new French restaurant and since your ex loves French cooking so much, you thought about informing them about it. This should make it easier for the two of you to communicate with each other. This should lead us to the second part.

How to Get an Ex Back after Months by Going out with Them Again

Try asking your ex out for coffee to talk. There's a good chance that your ex would want to talk about things since it's been months since the two of you saw each other. Spend an hour just talking about things. Don't get nervous and just be natural. Treat your ex as if they were a long lost friend you just saw again. If the date goes well then see each other casually over a period of weeks. You should go slow this time and not rush towards the relationship. However, if all things seem great after several months, you might want to broach the subject of getting back together.

How to Get an Ex Back after Months by Strengthening the Relationship

The final phase is making sure that the relationship is strong enough to last this time. If you want this relationship to be strong, then changes would have to be made, ensuring that past mistakes wouldn't happen again. Have a good long talk with your partner about the relationship and what changes must be made in order to make to make it stronger and longer. In most cases, knowing that your partner is committed in making this work is enough to make the relationship stronger.

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