If you were to buy a cabin in the beautiful Canadian forest without a telephone, without a daily paper, without the internet, but you could drive into town if you needed too. But for the most part, there were no daily connections with the rest of the world would you be in fear?

Our Way of Living Creates Fear

Our way of living, always being connected to everything creates hypervigilance and stress. Stress is always having something nagging at us… something that never let’s go… thus we are always running away from something which is causing fear.

We have fear about what politicians are doing, we have fear about the price of food, we have fear about what might happen in the future. Thus we never allow ourselves to de-stress and find inner peace.

Getting Away to the Country

Henry David Thoreau wrote “Walden Pond” when he decided to move from the bustling city of London and stay in a small cabin on a small pond for over 2 years. At first, it was agonizing, but later he came to understand nature and noticed all the little things that were going on all around him.

The dance of the dragonflies on the pond, the butterflies flitting from one flower to another, the bees busy pollinating flowers and making honey in their hive. He marveled at all the wonders that God created in nature. He enjoyed the spaciousness, the quiet, the serenity, and the peace of Walden Pond that rejuvenated his soul. He found inner peace there are eventually wrote over 30 volumes about living on Walden Pond.

Wouldn’t it be Grand if We All Could Stay on Walden Pond?

But not all of us can afford to get away and stay on Walden Pond.

Yet, we all can get away to very somewhere very spacious,

Somewhere very open,

Somewhere which is quiet, peaceful, serene, a place that anyone can afford.

A place of beauty, a place of great joy, a wonderful place which uplifts the soul,

A place that allows our mind to de-stress and find inner peace.

And This Place Doesn’t Cost a Dime!

Where is this place you might ask?

It’s here with you right now,

It has always been with you.

All it takes is closing your eyes in a comfortable quiet place and concentrating on that beautiful joy of breathing in and out. Just marveling at the simplicity of your breathing. Marveling at this wonderful way of taking in love and kindness and exhaling stress… which helps you relax… just breathing in and out.

And if all of a sudden a thought pops into your head, just notice that thought with loving kindness… and go back to that wonderful joy of breath in and out. Do this for a minimum of 30 minutes twice daily. First thing in the morning and about 5 or 6 PM in the evening. Start out with 2 or 3 minutes, then adding 2 minutes every day until you attain one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

Thus Every Day You Can Enjoy a Lovely Vacation and Find Inner Peace

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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