The definition of “beach ready” can be controversial, with many of us feeling worried about how we look when we hit the beach. Essentially, though, you are beach ready when you feel comfortable and enjoy your holiday without any cares. Getting beach ready is all about building your confidence, inside and out. Whilst some take to the gym to perfect their “bikini bodies”, others may choose to pamper themselves before the holiday so they’re looking their best. Getting beach ready is entirely dependent on your mindset, and it’s always just about physical appearance. So, here are some top tips for you to feel great on vacation:

The key to looking good is feeling good. Feeling the best you can be is something that comes from within. If regular exercise and eating healthily is an aspect of your life that makes you feel amazing, or shopping for your beach outfits gets you in the holiday mood, then it’s a great idea to engage all these activities so you can feel great. Your confidence will soar once you start taking care of yourself, however you choose to do it.

Glowing Skin
A pre-holiday pamper session can make you feel incredible and is also a great confidence boost. If it’s a girl’s holiday, then why not celebrate with a hair and nail treatments at your favourite salon? Don’t forget to treat yourself to a relaxing, rejuvenating facial, so your skin is glowing when you’re ready to hit the beach. Be sure to exfoliate and apply plenty of sunscreen for gorgeous sun-kissed skin. If you’re someone who suffers with dry or easily sunburnt skin then be sure to bring sunscreen with you in a travel sized bottle, and always apply aftersun at the end of your day.

Beach Outfit
Feeling comfortable on the beach is paramount. If you tend to opt for a kimono or kaftan for a reassuring cover up, then there are some excellent styles out there, including patterned and embroidered designs to elevate your outfit. There are endless options when it comes to Women’s designer swimwear to suit your style and shape, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your look.

Adding accessories to any outfit can instantly boost your appearance and add some much-needed glamour to your everyday beach outfit. Wearing bangles or colourful earrings can transform your beachwear into evening attire. Make sure you bring enough jewellery and accessories to mix and match with your holiday outfits, so you can create fabulous looks every day.

It’s all about attitude
Social media can be pressurising when it comes to having the perfect body and appearance, with many of us suffering a confidence knock. In reality, most of the time having the “perfect” appearance can be unachievable, as we can find ourselves never satisfied, and always wanting more. Having a positive attitude can be your most attractive feature. The key is to feel prepared before you embark on your vacation! Indulge in some pamper time and spoil yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look either, now can be the perfect time to try something new.

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Sophie Lodge is currently studying science & philosophy, with an active interest in human behaviour in relation to the effects of social media.