Flyers are among the cheap promotional tools a business can use. They are easy to design and even easier to distribute to potential customers. They end up bringing positive results when done carefully. When considering creating flyers for your business, you have the option of using free templates available online for different types of businesses, or you can choose professional services that take care of all your flyer printing needs. Whichever method you use to print your flyers, you need to consider the most important factors to get it right.

1. Select the correct flyer size

The half-sheet size is a very popular flyer size measuring 148.5 x 210 mm (A5 size). It's popular because of the low print speeds, but you need to make sure it's just what you need and that your content does not end up being too crowded and tedious to read. Another popular flyer size is 210 x 297 mm (A4 size), which is a more standard size for a sheet of paper. It is not only budget friendly but also very effective in conveying your message without creating boredom. If you prefer larger formats, 297 x 420 mm (A3 size) may also be an option. It has two A4-size leaflets that are printed side by side and can be folded in half or in three. They are most popular with oversized brochures, menus for picking up restaurants, direct mail ads and newspaper inserts. However, most service providers classify the sizes in A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7 and you can easily choose what suits your needs.

2. Select the correct paper setting

High quality glossy paper is often used to print flyers, but they can vary widely. When choosing, keep in mind that the paper you choose can determine how presentable the leaflet looks and how long it can be readable before it goes to waste. The thickness of your paper should therefore also be a consideration when choosing for durability purposes. The paper can determine your printing budget and options for bulk printing, making it even more important to take the time to make the right decision.

3. Consider the printing and folding options

Today, colored flyers are more professional, but you can also make black and white flyers stand out by being creative with your screen or printing options. Graphics can be included and you have the freedom to choose whether all pages should be full color or otherwise. Bleeding options are also available. By taking the time to look at the opportunities or needs you have as a business, you are easily making the right decision. The folding options are also important as they can determine how cumbersome it is to read a flyer. However, a folded flyer is easier to handle and carry. The options include no fold, triple, half fold and gate folding consisting of panels and parallel folding.

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