How To Get My Wife Interested In Me Again: How To Get My Wife To Want Me

You want to make your wife fall madly in love with you. It's understandable. When you two made the vows at your wedding it was meant to be forever. You intended to love and cherish her always but you've noticed that she seems a bit distant and removed emotionally lately. It's hard to deal with the idea that your wife may not be as crazy about you now as she was then. It doesn't have to mean the beginning of the end of your marriage though. There's a lot you can do to rekindle the romance and get her to adore you just as much as she did when you two took the walk down the aisle.

In order to make your wife fall madly in love with you, you're going to need to first address the changes in yourself since the day you two married. We all change after we get married. It's part of the package deal. However, if some of those changes have resulted in your spouse feeling alone and neglected, you can't ignore that. She felt cherished and adored early in your relationship and she still needs to feel that now. What often happens in a marriage is the wife pulls back from her husband if she feels she's not getting the love and attention she needs. Get back on track by treating her exactly as you did when you met. Make her feel just as special now as she did back then.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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You also need to do whatever you possibly can to make her life easier. A woman needs to know that she can depend on her husband for anything. If your wife has asked you to take care of specific things in the past and you've been slow to do that, you need to change that beginning today. Work harder at tending to her needs. It can be something as simple as making her a cup of tea in the morning or cleaning out the basement. Whatever it takes to put a smile on her face should be your number one goal.

Affection can make a huge difference in any marriage. Your wife wants to feel that still find her desirable and there are many ways for you to show her that. You can start by holding her hand and kissing her when she least expects it. When you're out, put your arm around her to show her just how proud you are to be her husband. Small gestures like this can make a huge difference in how she relates to you.

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Help for problems in marriage when your spouse has already left can be found by taking four major steps. If he or she has already left, what can you do? It is very important to use wisdom and restraint. Apologizing profusely may have worked earlier, but it likely will do little good at this point. What can you do?

o Agree with the break up

o Do not smother your spouse

o Reflect upon where things went wrong

o Be prepared for productive conversation when you have the opportunity to meet again

The first thing, and perhaps hardest thing to do when your spouse has left, is to agree with the need to separate. Even though your heart is breaking inside, and this is really the last thing you want to do. Instead of acting upon your feelings, agree with the break up.

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Secondly, do not smother your spouse. Restrain yourself. Do no flood him or her with text messages, emails, and voice messages. Actually stay away for a while.

Thirdly, while you are in this forced state of loneliness, take time to reflect upon where things went wrong. Get all the information you can about improving your relationship. Make a commitment to yourself genuinely to correct as many of these items as you can. (Start with one, and take things a step at a time.) These are the first three steps for help for problems in marriage when your spouse has left.

Finally, your spouse may suggest that you could at least meet and talk after a week or two. Don't appear overly anxious, but do accept the invitation. Based upon your reflection, feel things out. If you feel it will be productive, you can begin to discuss some of the things you are seeing that could be of help. When suggesting some changes you are willing to make, do not grovel. Speak from an appearance of strength even if you feel very weak inside.

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Your wife wants to be alone. It stings. Maybe it's something she said after you two argued. Or perhaps it's more serious than that and she's on the cusp of packing up her things and taking a break from the marriage. Regardless, her desire to be alone means one thing. She doesn't want to be with you. It's hurtful and confusing to many men when this happens. They don't know what they can possibly say or do to change their wife's mind. These are the men who generally just allow the marriage to wither and die because they don't see another choice. There is something else you can do. You can get busy saving your marriage and making your wife want you more than she ever has before.

Before you can stop your marriage from falling apart you have to determine why your wife wants to be alone. Take a good, hard look at your relationship over the course of the last few months. Have the two of you barely been getting along? Does the smallest thing turn into a huge argument? That type of conflict has to be addressed head on if you want to save your marriage. You need to objectively look at what you two are arguing about and what the real root cause of all that conflict is. Then you need to clear it off the table. This is going to take some compromise on your part but when you consider your marriage is at stake, it's easy to understand why you need to do it.

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Feeling emotionally neglected within the marriage may be the reason your wife feels the desire to be alone. If her needs aren't being met, she may really start to resent you to the point that living with you becomes just too painful for her. It's normal and natural for a couple to settle into a mundane routine after the wedding. The days of bringing her flowers or sitting and talking to her for hours about your feelings may be a thing of the past. She needs and wants that to be part of the present and future.

Make a real effort on a daily basis to dote on your wife more. Get up earlier if you need to so you can make her coffee or tea before she wakes. Cook her dinner a few times a week and bring her favorite perfume home just because. Most importantly, tell her often how much you really adore her and how you can't imagine life without her. This type of change in you can have a dramatic impact on how she feels. If you two are more connected on an emotional level, she'll definitely feel less alone.

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This past weekend my wife and I were talking to one of her friends who was in deep despair over the state of her marriage. She had asked her husband to move out because of his addiction issues. She desperately wants to save her marriage but doesn't know if it's going to be possible. Which brought up a great question: How do you know if your marriage is truly over? And can a marriage be saved even if you are facing a divorce?

I have made some discoveries about saving troubled marriages based on personal experience and secrets I have learned. I do not believe that divorce is the best solution in most cases. Obviously there are exceptions but I think too often divorces occur in marriages that could have been saved. So my articles will always be from the viewpoint of saving the marriage. If this is your goal too, then please read on!

So the first question you may be asking is how do you know if your marriage is truly over? I believe that the marriage is probably over if you feel nothing for your partner anymore. There is no anger, no love, no hate, no like and no dislike. Your feelings are totally neutral! At this point you have probably already divided assets and property, made arrangements for the children and begun moving on with your life.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If, on the other hand, you are feeling any emotions at all about your spouse, then the marriage may very well be saved if you want it to be saved.

So what about saving your marriage even if you are facing a divorce? I mentioned some secrets I have learned and these are based on personal experience of my own as well as the experiences of thousands of other couples who have been down the same path and saved their marriages using the same technique:

1. There is a resourceful emotional state that you must be in if you are serious about saving your marriage. Negative emotions such as anger, depression, jealousy, hurt or fear will more than likely cause you to make serious mistakes in judgment and kill your chance to get your spouse back. Do not underestimate how critical this is!

2. Be prepared to love your spouse enough to let them go! This can be very scary when your natural tendency as a human being is to hold on to someone you love. The fact is though, that the more you push, the more they pull away. So stop pushing!

3. The law of physics about every action causes a specific reaction is true in relationships as well. There are specific things you can say and do which will cause a specific reaction in your spouse. You can change the dynamics of the relationship even if your spouse is doing nothing at all!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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