When hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin then pimples, whiteheads and blackheads appear in the skin; this disease is termed as acne. Acne usually occurs in that part of skin where a number of oil glands are relatively more that include the face, back and upper part of the chest. Acne problem is usually more in women than men. Along with acne issue generally, redness and irritation come with it. We can avoid acne problem by doing some changes in our daily routine. We can solve acne problem by daily washing once in morning and once at night.

After washing we must apply topical creams for moisturizing our skin. We must dry our skin softly with the help of a towel and must not scrub it too hard. If acne problem persists after using this remedy for few days we must consult a dermatologist for the treatment. Similarly few vitamins are also helpful to avoid acne problem. These vitamins contain anti-inflammatory characteristics and encourage healthier skin.

Lack of Vitamin A is linked to inflammation in lungs, intestines and skin. Sweet potatoes, carrots, liver, spinach, apricot and squash are rich in vitamin A. so by taking these we can get rid of this deficiency. Similarly, vitamin C and vitamin B6 are very important to avoid acne problem. Lemon, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, beef, turkey, fish and nuts are rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

When we are dehydrated we lose moisture in our skin. Then our skin becomes more vulnerable to the acne problem. Drinking 3 liters of water for men and 2.2 liters of water for women is essential for them to live a healthy life. It also helps us to prevent us from the acne. Stress is also a factor that can cause acne. By doing exercise and playing some sports we can overcome stress.

Redness occurs due to an inflammatory response from the skin. There are a number of ways that can help us to reduce or even get rid of redness.

  • By using ice cubes:

    We can reduce redness in pimples by applying ice on them. By wrapping few cubes of ice in a thin and clean cloth and putting it gently on pimples we can get rid of redness from acne. By doing this process 2 to 5 times in a day we can overcome acne problem.  Ice tends to slow the blood circulation as a result it helps us to reduce swelling and redness. As we see athletes use ice for their injuries to overcome inflammation caused by tissue damage.
  • By using lemon:

    Similarly, by applying lemon juice soaked in a lemon ball on the pimples we can get rid of redness. As lemon contains citric acid and skin lightening property this is very good against acne bacteria and also remove redness. We must not use lemon juice on sensitive skin and avoid using it in daylight.
  • By using warm tea bags:

    The warm tea bags are also very useful in removing redness from acne. It is a technique used for unclogging the clogged pores and drawing dead skin cells and bacteria to the skin surface.  By putting tea bags in hot water for some time than placing it on the acne for 30 to 60 seconds we can get rid of redness from the acne. Then wash affected area with face wash or soap to remove oil and bacteria that was drawn out.
  • By using toothpaste:

    Toothpaste is also helpful in getting rid of redness from acne. The toothpaste that contains silica can remove redness. We must cover a pimple entirely with toothpaste right before bed then leave in overnight. Then wash it in the morning. Then remove acne fastly. We must not use toothpaste that contains menthol or fluoride because they can worsen the problem.
  • By using eye drops:

    Similarly, eye drops that contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride could help users to remove redness from the acne. By putting a small amount of eye drop on Q tip and applying it gently on the pimple we can get rid of redness. We must use this technique rarely because it can have an adverse effect on our skin.
  • By using aspirin:

    Another method of removing redness from the acne is by making a paste of crushed aspirin with a little amount of water and applying paste gently on the pimples with the help of Q tip. As aspirin contains salicylic acid that is helpful in removing inflammatory effects.
  • By using Aloe Vera:

    Aloe vera is also very useful for removing redness from acne. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics which help us not only to remove redness but it can also heal the acne. We must extract the juice from fresh aloe vera leaf and apply it on the acne with the help of cotton ball. Then we let it stay for some time. Then wash it with warm and clean water. By doing this process twice a day we can get rid of redness from acne. If fresh aloe vera is not available then we can use lotions and creams that contain aloe vera as an ingredient.
  • By using honey:

    Honey is being used as a remedy for many diseases over the year. Especially honey is very helpful in recovering from skin disease. Honey is also useful to get rid of redness from acne. For this, we must take a little amount of honey and dab a cotton ball in it. Then apply it on the acne affected areas and leave it overnight. Then wash it at morning. By doing this process daily we can get rid of redness from acne. Honey obtained from the nectar of manuka tree is recommended for it but if it is not available then any naturally acquired honey will do the job.
  • By using vegetables:

    Vegetables are also very helpful in removing redness from acne. Especially carrots are very useful for this remedy. If we eat a small plate of fresh vegetable it will bring a noticeable difference in redness after some hours.
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