Do you typically run out of shampoo before your conditioner? If so, perhaps you’re using your conditioner wrong. Conditioners are great for adding moisture to your locks, making your hair smooth, shiny and more manageable. There isn’t a ‘right way’ to wash your hair, but there sure is a right way to get the most out of your conditioner. Using the proper techniques will make all the difference to the health of your hair.

Shampoo The Scalp, Condition The Ends
When it comes to shampoo, you should really only apply this to your scalp. Shampoo helps lift excess oils, synthetic chemicals and dirt from the scalp that you wouldn’t typically find this buildup in the ends of your hair. That being said, the soap bubbles from shampooing and scrubbing your scalp will help gently remove any excess in the ends as you rinse it out of your hair. In contrast, conditioner is not meant to be applied to the scalp. Squeeze water from your hair before using conditioner, and apply from mid-length to your tips, gently detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb or your fingers.

Conditioner, Shampoo, Then Conditioner Again
Break your hair care routine of shampoo before conditioner, to protect your hair. This trick really only applies to people with hair long hair below the shoulder, but if your hair is very dry and prone to breakage, you’ll quickly notice a difference in your ends by reverse washing. Using conditioner before you shampoo your scalp, will ensure your hair is properly hydrated. Start your wash with a small amount of conditioner on the ends, and rinse lightly, adding a primer to your hair that will protect it while continuing your wash. Condition at the ends as well, to lock in moisture and help detangle your hair when your wash is complete.

Don’t Overdo It
Just like with shampoo, you shouldn’t use conditioner on your hair every day. The natural oil your scalp produces is essential to the health of your hair, and you don’t want to strip those oils away too often. It is recommended that you condition in between shampoo washes, but only if your hair is feeling dry or brittle. Make sure to take your hair type into consideration when conditioning between washes. If you are prone to excessive oil, conditioning more often than shampooing isn’t necessary.

Use An All-Natural Conditioner
To ensure your hair is soft, smooth and shiny, you should be using natural hair conditioner. Conventional hair care products add synthetic chemicals to your hair, while harmfully stripping natural oils. Both natural shampoo and conditioner use completely natural ingredients, that are environmentally friendly and safe for your hair. Natural hair conditioners add vital nutrients and minerals, helping your hair to thrive, free of frizz, tangles and breakage. Know your hair type and find the right combination of ingredients in your natural shampoo and conditioner, to ensure protection and healthy hair growth.

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