How To Get Your Husband To Adore You: Things You Can Do To Make Your Husband Adore You More

It's unbearably painful to be married to a man who doesn't seem as devoted or attentive as he once did. This is a problem that many women have to face after several years of marriage. They love their husband but they wonder exactly what he feels for them. Every woman deserves to have a husband who treats her like a queen. If you want to get your husband to adore you, it's possible. It all starts with understanding how to fulfill his needs so he craves to do the same for you.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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In order to get your husband to adore you, you must remind him of why he fell in love with you initially. Think back to the early stages of your courtship and what your husband loved most about you. Even though you may have changed in recent years, that woman is still very much a part of you. Becoming a mother likely altered how you view yourself and the world, but it's important to remember that you are still the same person your husband proposed to. Show him that you remember that and he will too.

You also must live by the motto that you get what you give in life and in relationships. If you've started taking your husband for granted you need to put a stop to that now. Ensure that he always knows how much you appreciate and value him. You never want him to doubt that he's the most important man in your life. Make him feel like your hero again. That will definitely help to get your husband to adore you again.

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A number of wives go online and do a search for "signs husband doesn't love you anymore," or phrases similar to that. Can you explain that?

You can find various reasons why people search for things on the internet. Usually there will be something they need, a problem or need to be resolved and satisfied. The majority are motivated by one of two different goals: Pleasure Seeking (trying to find gain, profit, pleasure, enlightenment, etc. or Pain Avoidance (wanting to avoid loss, illness, pain, liabilities, problems, etc.))

There can be, needless to say, both positive and negative aspects both likely and implied when someone searches on "signs husband doesn't love you anymore." The positive is that it shows you are concerned about your marriage, and you are not avoiding any possible problems. This article will take on the "Be watchful" side, addressing the three things, points, mistakes or actions that you would most need to be wary of if you think your husband no longer loves you.

You need to know some of the specifics for the problem or need. Things such as understanding that marriages go through stages, and what causes you frustration may not at all be signs that your husband does not love you.

On the other hand, if this is the case, it is very serious.

What if your spouse don't love you anymore? Here's how to get them addicted to you like when you fell in love for the first time

O.K. Exactly what do we need to observe? And, why observe them?

Well, the thing is that, whenever we are going to be dealing with the question, "Has my husband lost love for me?" then we are going to really need to ask why is your husband not in love anymore?

O.K. then, here are 3 signs you need to do your very best to catch before it is too late:

First of all, is he distancing himself emotionally from you?

As we mentioned, your relationship takes on different forms after you have been married for a while, so if this seems a little different, it may not be need for concern. However, if it seems to be something he is purposefully doing, then maybe you need to take notice. When he is distancing emotionally, it could be a sign that he does not feel like he loves you anymore.

The primary reason for observing this is that having an emotional connection (we might call it a spiritual as well as physical connection) is something that does develop in healthy marriages. If it is not in yours, there might be a problem. This is one of the first things to observe when you deal with the question, "Why is your husband not in love anymore?"

Second, is he finding excuses not to be with you?

If that seems to be the case, tell me, just why is that? This is different from a little boredom or life getting in a rut. It is actually that he tries to find excuses to be away from you, and this becomes more and more frequent as time goes by. If he is distancing emotionally and finding excuses to avoid being with you, you do have cause for concern.

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Third, does he show a lack of interest in sexual activity?

That is for the most part a great problem because most men describe their need for physical intimacy as being one of their greatest needs. If this is the case with your husband, there may be reason to be concerned that he may be getting this need met somewhere else. (Please understand that this is not ALWAYS the case, but it is enough of the time for you to really check things out.)

O.K. now how can we know if this is enough evidence of this problem? We can't really, but we do see there is enough evidence for concern. If he is distancing emotionally, finding excuses not to be with you, and showing a lack of interest in having sex with you, you have legitimate concern for wondering "has my husband husband lost love for me?"

Maybe it is time to have a frank discussion with your husband. If he confesses that he no longer feels like he loves you, ask him if he is willing to try to rebuild the marriage. If he is willing, get all the help you can. Maybe he will be willing to go with you to see a professional. Maybe he will be willing to read self-help materials with you. Maybe he will be willing to spend more time with you.

When you wonder, "Why is your husband not in love anymore?" you will be confronted by all kinds of negative feelings. However, you can go beyond negatives and take a pro-active approach. By avoiding the negative issues that could rob you of success, you guarantee yourself of a better shot at the positive benefits which may be linked to the willingness to rebuild your relationship when you see signs your husband doesn't love you anymore.

Actually, there are some things you can try even before discussing this issue with your husband.

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Are you finding ways to make your husband fall back in love with you? When a woman is facing the fact that her husband's love may not be strong as he once was, it can be a painful situation especially if the wife still loves her husband strongly. If you realize your husband's love for you have shifted, there are specific ways that you can do to make your husband fall back in love with you again.

Saving a marriage is not tough when you learn how to accept new changes. Many times, most women when they realize the person that they love is beginning to fall out of love from the marriage, they try harder to make them see they are wrong in leaving them. They begin to show desperations by begging, crying or even threatening the husband by talking about committing suicide. Such behaviours will only serve to push the husband away and make the reconciliation chance lower.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If you want to make your husband fall back in love with you again, you have to be calm and mature to handle your marriage problem. Saving a marriage will require you to treat him the way with respect. Learn to acknowledge his changing feelings and instead of getting sad over the problems, accept it and move on with a positive attitude. If you can do that, your husband will start to see a different light in you.

Focus on only positive things if you want to win his heart completely. Treat him just like the way you did in the initial stage of dating. Show out your confidence, but yet be humble and thankful even if it is a small thing that he could have done for you. When he is able to feel a good change in the marriage, he will also learn how to love you again.

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I often hear from wives who are very sorry and sad to be separated from their husbands. They are not the ones who were unhappy in their marriages. And a separation is often the last thing that they want. Still, since they have been unable to change their husband's mind, they are stuck trying to make the best of a confusing and painful situation.

But since most women are nurturers, most feel at least somewhat responsible for their husband's pain and feelings during the separation, and this is true even if the husband was the one who initiated the separation itself. It's very typical for their wives to worry about the husband's well being - even over their own.

To reflect this, I might get a comment like: "I am convinced that one of the big reasons for our separation is the fact that my husband has been somewhat depressed and under a great deal of stress. He has been saying for months that he's just not happy. Initially, I thought that this was limited to his work, but apparently, he thought this extended to our marriage because about three months ago he told me that he wasn't happy with me either. I hesitated about the separation for many reasons, but the biggest reason was that I did not want to leave my husband alone. I worried that his depression would only get worse when he was by himself. I can't completely tell if this turned out to be true because his behavior changes all of the time. I will see him one day and he will actually look happier than I've seen him for a long time. And then I'll see him another day and I can tell that he's carrying the weight of depression. It's hard for me to try to help him when we're living apart. I want so badly for him to be happy again. I will try to make jokes and cheer him up when we are together and this seems to work pretty well. But then I have to let him go home again and I have no idea how he's going to fare after that. My kids say that he seems fine when they are with him. And, they are with him a lot. I'm just wondering what I can do to help make him happy while we are separated. I feel limited since we aren't together all of the time."

This has to be a very frustrating situation. I understand why this wife felt like she did. It's very hard to see someone that you love struggle in this way. As wives, we are caregivers and we hurt when we see those we love hurt. I know that you must feel as if, at least to a certain extent, your hands are tied. At the same time, I have to tell you something that deep down, I suspect that you already know.

What if your spouse don't love you anymore? Here's how to get them addicted to you like when you fell in love for the first time

His happiness isn't your responsibility. And, it is for the most part out of your control. (Now, if you think that he has serious depression that is a danger to himself, then that is another story and you should work with his doctor to get him the help that he needs.) But if we are talking about general unhappiness where he wishes his life were different or better, then it's up to him to craft the life he wants. This is true when you are living together. And it also true when you are not. No one can "make" someone else happy. Sure, when you love someone you try to control the circumstances that you know might make it easier for them to be happy. You try to listen. You try to support. You try to make your household playful and fun. You try to make sure that you keep the stress levels down. But, you can still do all of this (and do it very well) and still have a spouse that is unhappy. In truth, this is not your fault and it can have nothing whatsoever to do with you or even with your marriage.

You can still attempt to control the stress level and the circumstances during your separation, but it sounds as if you are already doing that, by making jokes and trying to maintain a light attitude. I would also suggested seeing if you can get him into counseling. A good counselor truly can help people with unhappiness, stress, and depression. I know that it can be a challenge to get a husband to go to counseling. You might start by just asking him to go with you to support your own counseling. If he thinks that the sessions are going to be about you, he might be more likely to willingly participate. A good counselor can gradually bring him into the mix and address his issues without him necessarily feeling uncomfortable.

And the truth is, as much as we may love our husbands and want to help, we aren't mental health counselors. Yes, we can support him and we can listen. We can suggest doing fun things together where we can laugh and forget our problems. We can encourage him to talk about what is bothering him just so that he can release it. But, we can't "make" him be happy. We can help him identify the source of his unhappiness. We can be a sounding board and a source of support. But we can no more fix his happiness than he can fix ours. Everyone must find their own.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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