How To Get Your Wife To Be More Affectionate: Lack Of Affection From Wife

You want to get your wife to be more affectionate. It's understandable. Marriage isn't always the easiest road to travel and it becomes a bit rockier if the affection that the couple once shared has all but disappeared. The closeness that your wife once felt for you may now be replaced with distance and silence. You miss the days when she would just kiss you for no reason or put her hand in yours while you were walking down the street. You want to experience that again but you're a bit confused about how to make it happen. It's something that you definitely can change. With the right insight and understanding about how to appeal to your wife's heart, you can get her to be more affectionate with you than she's ever been before.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Women closely associate physical affection with what they're feeling emotionally. If your wife feels even the slightest emotional distance from you it's going to be a challenge for her to want to be affectionate with you. Couples drift apart emotionally for many reasons. Sometimes it's just a matter of both partners neglecting the needs of the other. Other times it's because there's been a quarrel that's hurt one person. If you've noticed that your wife has pulled back completely from you and is now quieter and more reserved around you, this could be the reason why. It's up to you then to overcome that distance by pulling her closer to you.

Every woman wants to know that their husband adores them. They need to feel that without question. Starting right now your priority must be to make your wife feel that way. Tell her you love her more and spend time talking to her each day. Ask her about her life and her feelings. Listen intently to what she tells you and learn more about her from it. She needs to feel that you're invested in her as a person not just as a wife and mother to your children.

It's also advisable for you to work more on being a great partner to her. Work together with her to help with the children or to balance out the household chores. If your wife feels that you are recognizing what she brings to the marriage and to your family she's going to instantly feel closer to you and that will also mean that she'll want to be more affectionate with you.

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My situation wasn't much different than a lot of other people's. I was in a very unhappy marriage that had been that way for years. My wife and I had tried individual counselors and we had tried couples counselors. It seemed that for awhile things would get a little better but we always ended right back where we had been before, fighting about the same things, battling our own stresses and depression and disagreements about nearly everything! I began to resign myself to living this way because I didn't believe in divorce, and I figured that we'd eventually settle into a more loving relationship.

This was not what my wife had in mind though and I can't describe the shock and devastation I felt when she told me one day the marriage was over and she wanted a divorce. I was completely unprepared for this and my natural reaction and the emotions I felt caused me to make a lot of critical mistakes. I have since learned that the things I did to try and save my marriage turned out to be most of the common mistakes most people make when facing a possible divorce. Any one of these mistakes can kill your chance to save the marriage. Here I was, trying to save my marriage and I was actually making the problem worse!

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Luckily I stumbled onto an approach to save my marriage that changed everything for me and my wife. Here is the basis of what I learned:

1. You have to avoid the common damaging mistakes that may seem like the best way to save your marriage, but actually make the problem worse.

2. You have to get yourself out of the negative emotions that will dominate your thoughts and prevent you from taking the real steps that will save your marriage. The negative emotions I am talking about are things like anger, jealousy, fear, depression, desperation, revenge etc.

3. You have to leave your spouse with the impression that you are calm, confident and that you are at peace with them leaving the marriage if that is really what they want.

There are very specific things that you can do and say that will begin to change the dynamics of your relationship and have both you and your partner seeing the marriage in a whole new light. The key though, is your willingness to trust the process, even if it seems like the complete opposite of what you should be doing.

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So, your marriage is definitely on the rocks - how exactly can you deal with this? Without a doubt, I am sure that so far you have already done all that is in your power to remedy such a situation. Take heart, as relationships are very hard to maintain, especially in these times. It normally requires serious commitment from both parties in dealing with marriage problems; and this is where the majority of marriages tend to break down.

People are very dynamic and are constantly evolving or changing. Therefore, if your relationship does not evolve as well, then there can be irreparable damage done to the marriage. The fact of the matter is, that for a marriage to really work, both partners have to have the ability to be open and flexible at times.

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There are two main things which are absolutely necessary in dealing with marital problems. There are:

1. Focus only on the issue at hand- it is always very tempting to just simply blame the other person for the strain on the marriage. Doing this will not get you anywhere, you will first have to be able to shoulder some of the responsibility. In addition, both partners will have to be willing to identify and discuss the real problem areas and look at ways to circumvent them. Usually frequent fights and arguments over petty issues are not in themselves the root cause, but rather, they tend to serve as signals of some underlying problem which needs to be dealt with. This does call for massive doses of honesty from both parties.

2. Learn to be understanding- it is always a challenge for two persons to be able to live together in perfect harmony, at all times. As a matter of fact, this is really the substance of only fairy tales. Let's face it, you are two separate human beings with totally different motives, wants and desires - of course, there will be conflict. However, it is essential that both parties be prepared to try and understand the position of the other person. Nothing is ever solved by continuous nagging and haranguing, needling or manipulating another human being. Be prepared to lose the war just to win the more important battle - the fight for your marriage.

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A recipe for happy marriage is what everyone needs to sustain a loving blissful relationship through all of life's ups and downs and roundabouts! However there is no short cut to happiness, no instant microwavable dinner to marital bliss, you must put this on a slow constant boil for the entire relationship. This may sound arduous but in reality it is not so bad, just a few changes in attitudes then building happiness become habitual!

Such changes must come from your own change in attitude about how you approach marriage and how you communicate with your spouse. In fact, even if you find your partner relatively unsupportive of creating a happier marriage the actions YOU take will not only make things better but will create reciprocal actions from your spouse from a well known psychological reaction of feeling indebted.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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For instance, one of the simplest things you can do is to say "Thank You" more often. Let your spouse know every time they do something for you that you appreciate it. You will find a lot more thank you's coming back your way if you do this. What stops many people doing this is a feeling of resentment or apathy to certain situations. Even if it is your husband's job to take out the garbage and that has been organized ... still say thank you! If your wife always picks the kids up from school because you are at work ... remember to tell her you appreciate it even though it is impossible for you to do anyway.

It is this positive reactions we have to every day life that is a recipe for happiness not any grand gestures. So for starters just say thank you ... the deposits you make into the goodwill bank will gain interest rapidly!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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