How To Give Your Husband Space While Living Together: Dealing With Conflicts In Your Marriage

The increasingly hectic and fast paced life is continuously posing threat to marriages. It is estimated that in United States, 2 million people file for divorce annually. However, when properly managed, the conflicts and arguments arising in a marriage not only get resolved successfully, but also strengthen a relationship as the partners understand each other more deeply after coming out of a conflict.

Marriage is characterised by love, trust and respect between two individuals who share their entire life with each other. Unconditional and selfless commitment makes marriage stronger and successful. However, with time, changes do happen in terms of individual needs, preferences and expectations that give rise to conflicts between the married couple and endanger the marriage. Sometimes circumstances (like personal financial crisis) also add to the pressure and conflict in married life. The couple need to be candid in discussing these conflicts and address them objectively to save their marriage.

Arguments and fights add spice to a marriage and make it interesting. However if not controlled at the right time, they pose a threat to the very existence of the relationship. It triggers many negative emotions like hate, doubt, loneliness and depression in an individual which can even lead to separation or divorce. Therefore it is important to acknowledge the flaws in a marriage and work towards rectifying the issues with mutual understanding and trust.

Avoiding and resolving conflicts in marriage

1. Refrain from your stubbornness for having the last word. Ego inflames conflicts and threatens marriages. When there is a heated argument or disagreement, one of the partners should step back. Winning an argument does not resolve conflicts.

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2. Open communication is the key for resolving conflicts. Many couples feel shy in confronting the issues that affect their married life. It is important that the two sit and try to work out a common ground. Without communication conflicts can never be resolved with a mutually agreeable solution.

3. Every relationship is managed by compromise and marriage is no exception. Since both the individuals have an equal stake in the problem at hand, they need to seriously consider the other person's point of view. Unless one hears what the other partner is saying and respects his/her thoughts, conflicts keep growing and will continue to impact the foundation of their married life.

4. Honesty is very important for avoiding conflicts. It is essential to admit when you are wrong and avoid the blame game. This also increases your partner's trust in you.

5. Do not assume that your quarrelsome partner will understand your point of view automatically. Always explain exactly what you mean.

6. Do not judge your partner in things they do. Also do not compare them with others. Every individual is different and respecting this individually helps to avoid conflicts.

7. Promises should be kept in a marriage. One should keep his/her word to become dependable at all times. It reinforces the trust and a feeling of security in your partner's heart that promotes a happy marriage devoid of conflicts.

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Getting married is one of the happiest moments for lovers. Being someone you promised to love for the rest of your life is such a wonderful feeling to enjoy. Some people say that they feel complete after they got married. You are willing to sacrifice a lot of things to make each other happy. But like any other individual activity, you may be making mistakes and doing it in your own expense can lost yourself. With this, let me share to you some of biggest mistakes after getting married and I hope you are not doing any or all of them.

Your identity is being lost. Sometimes we are so much in love with a person that we tend to forget that we have our own life to attend to. Most women give up their professional career just to take care of their husbands and children. This is acceptable but when you stop earning knowledge in what you do, this is absolutely wrong. Being at home does not mean you can do something good for yourself anymore. In fact, it is your identity can help your marriage be successful.

Giving more than you can. Surrendering yourself to your spouse means giving all you can. You should do everything that will satisfy the needs of your spouse. But if you are overdoing it, nothing will be left for you. Time will come that you will be giving what is almost impossible to give, but your spouse will still ask for more. You are only human who have a lot of limitations and so as your spouse. Therefore, you should not treat your spouse as your god.

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You are being careless. This includes your health and time for you to unwind. Do not forget that you cannot perform as a good spouse if you are sick. You will also tend to be overconfident with your feelings because you think that your spouse will not cheat on you. Trust is very important to have a successful marriage but you must also be able to know your limit. You must have an action when you have a hint that there is something wrong going on.

You stop fulfilling your dreams. I am pretty sure that being married is not your only dream in life. There are still a lot of stars to reach for yourself even if you are already married. Being a good parent is also a career and actually, it is the best career for women. Your passion must not revolve in one person only, and being a better half is not the only reason you got married. You must realize that you may be alone again, and you will find it hard to do it because you already lost your focus about life.

You are being a slave. This does not mean he is hurting you physically. The mere fact that you do not have a voice inside the house is enough for you to be called a slave. You must have the right to oppose or bring a suggestion to improve your relationship. A marriage will not be successful if only one of you is the master. It is not a solo career, but a partnership that is composed of two happy and contented individuals.

It is the ability to love yourself that makes you capable of loving others.

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I often wonder why it's so easy for couples to get divorced after they spent so much time and energy courting and convincing each other that marriage was the right move. I do realize that marriage is difficult but short of an abusive situation, I believe every marriage is worth saving. What thoughts and fears do you have about saving your marriage?

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Does it concern you that your husband has shown no interest in saving your marriage?

Do you lay awake at night and wonder why your husband never wants to get intimate with you?

Do you think that your husband has some kind of sickness and needs some counseling or medical help?

These are all legitimate questions and trust me ones that have been asked millions of times by women. However, the answer to saving your marriage is the only thing that is important right?

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You see, although I don't know your husband I can make some assumptions about him.

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He probably thinks that he has given all that he can to make the relationship work. Unfortunately what he has been giving is not what you need, and thus you have the need for saving your marriage dilemma.

One thing you don't want to do is tell him what to do. No one (husband or wife) likes to be told what to do. It's better if they come to realize the benefits of certain behaviors. For example, your husband needs to know that when he is patient with you respond better and relationship is better is better off. He also needs to know that he has some freedom to make some decisions without getting scolded, like a 6 year old child.

Your husband needs to feel secure that when he screws up and forgets to do things or makes a dumb comment that you won't rip him apart. In other words, he needs to know that you are on his side and not against him.

Please don't take my suggestions the wrong way. I'm in no way suggesting that you become a mat that gets stepped on a couple of times per day. What I'm asking you to do is recreate the environment in your marriage that existed when you first got married. You remember when;

A kiss with your husband made your heart flutter and your toes curl up?

Holding hands was more exiting than some of the intimacy you have experienced lately?

The biggest thing you fought about was where you were going to eat.

Guess what? There is no reason why your marriage can't return to the one you started out with. The key is changing the atmosphere and encouraging working together and not apart.

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The day of your marriage was the happiest day of your life. You were finally joined with your soul mate and the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Now that the excitement has died down a bit, you are starting to question if you made the right decision. The honeymoon phase is over, and reality is not quite what you expected.

Like with everything, a marriage goes through normal wear and tear. Over time, it is common for married couples to feel stress, anger, and in some cases, even hate. However, just because you feel there is nowhere to turn, does not mean that you should give up. Marriage vows are forever, and that is when marriage counseling comes in to play.

In order to tell if your marriage is truly over, or if you have just reached a point where you need a little professional help, you need to start by seeing a marriage counseling expert. These specialists can help you through the rough times, or help you decide if there really is no way to salvage your partnership. With the skills and knowledge that they possess, you can feel confident in your final decision.

One sign that you may need some marriage counseling is when you and your spouse can no longer effectively communicate with one another. If a simple conversation turns into an argument in a matter of seconds, you could benefit from the help of a moderator. The same goes when you feel too scared or insecure to talk about things that are bothering you within the marriage.

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Another common issue that can be discussed in marriage counseling is a loss of intimacy. If you and your partner were always very connected in the bedroom and suddenly it has all come to a halt, there are underlying issues why. This can also hold true when there is an increase in intimacy. More in this case is not always better. It could be a sign that someone is trying to hide something.

If the same problem keeps coming up over and over again, you and your spouse need to invest in some marriage counseling. Although it is common to bring up problems from the past, it should not be the same problem for an extended period of time. If one person cannot seem to stop discussing an issue that the other has gotten over, it means it has not been properly resolved. A professional can help.

Money is one of the top reasons that couples argue. If you and your spouse cannot seem to reach the same page when it comes to the finances, a professional can step in and help get any questions answered. Some couples work well with one person controlling the cash and the bills while others stay calmer when all the details are taken care of mutually. Finding out what works for you is essential.

Children, as much of a blessing as they are, add additional issues to any marriage. Even if you thought that you had a plan of how to raise your kids before you started having them, things can get messy. The most important aspect of raising successful children is showing them that you are a united front. If you cannot seem to get to the place where you need to be, marriage counseling is always an option.

Lastly, you feel as though your marriage is over, but you are not ready to quit because you are still in love with your significant other. A marriage counselor can help you both in identifying issues and getting through them together. After a complete program of counseling, you can come out stronger as a pair on the other side.

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