Almost everyone has hung a poster atleast once in his or her life. But if one were to speak the gospel truth, only a few have done it properly. Either the wall or the poster gets damaged in the process of being hanged, which ruins the entire thing.

However, in this article, we shall be talking about a few ways of practice that will help you master the art of how to hang posters without damaging either the wall or the poster. And it begins long before you actually hang the poster.

Here are the 2 simple steps which will help you hang your posters effectively:

  • Keeping It Clean: Naturally, the paper of the poster is of high-quality. So, you wouldn’t want any kind of marks to form on the surface. Due to the shiny finish, a poster will easily show-off even a small finger smudge. This is why it is advised to clean your hands thoroughly before handling any poster.

Next up is to flatten the poster. This is a much-underrated point. Not flattening the poster before hanging it up will result in the corners rolling themselves up while being hanged. In order to avoid this, flatten it up on a flat surface and put weights on all four corners.

Now comes the step of cleaning the wall. Cleaning the wall helps to maintain the poster’s quality and also helps the adhesive to stick more effectively.

Keeping it clean is the first step towards the best way to hang posters. Now we shall move on to the next step i.e.

  • The Hanging method: Now, we have to know about ways in which you can hag the poster. Since we want it to be a clean job, we need to rule out nailsand staplers. All these can cause damage to both the poster and the wall.

Double-sided poster tape- First in line and perhaps the most common is the double-sided poster tape. Not as strong as to damage the posters but to hold it in place, it will help a lot if you can carry out a little research as to the different tape brands available.

Magic tape-The magic tape, due to its thin nature, is better suited to lighter posters. However, the catch is that they are one-sided. So if you want to use it, you have to make it into a loop.

Reusable Poster Tack- If you think that using tape is questionable when talking about how to hang posters without frames,tack or putty is another viable option. But since this one is prone to causing damage to the poster, it is suggested more for posters with more durable paper stock. Or, if you want to hang the poster for a few days, go for toothpaste. It is a great alternative to tack. Why it gets dry, it flakes off of both surfaces and isn’t sticky.

Blank canvas alternative to a frame- If you want anything as an alternative to frame, a black canvas can do the trick. Buy a gel adhesive, coat the back of the poster and the canvas with a layer of it. Place the poster on the canvas and hold it in place for around 30 seconds. This will ensure that it is firmly stuck. However, before coating the poster with the adhesive gel, test a small amount of it to make sure that it does not damage the poster or cause the ink to run.

These 2 simple ways are your perfect answer to how to hang posters.  If you want to know about how to hang posters without frames, there are also many websites that have many blogs on the matter. So look up and find out.

Author's Bio: 

Steven Bergeron is a famous blogger and an expert on how to hang posters. Here he writes about the best way to hang posters without damaging the poster or the wall in 2 simple steps.