Worldwide, total sales revenue from all fashion websites is expected to cross USD $481 billion by 2018 and USD $712 billion by 2022.

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There are myriad of fashion websites on the internet, but sadly, only a few of them have enough traffic that can make profits.

When web users visit your website, you have only a few seconds time to impress them. If website ambiance does not set down cool to their eyes, they will go away.

How to Secure Lion’s Share of Pie as Online Fashion Retailer

All you need is to design aesthetic website ambiance that takes well care of your online audience. Website ambiance comprises of many things such as icons, font size, font type, banners, moving effects etc.

Today, there is no scarcity of fashion websites that are years-succeed. Our ground should be to draw and implement similar facilities on our website so that shop performs well and you obtain sufficient traffic/real online buyers.

As an example for “what can be said decent fashion e-Commerce retailer”, mentioned below site owners whose fashion websites make good monthly income by selling tons of fashion products, you can look into them to discover new ideas.

● Zalando

● Asos

● Select

● Misguided

–and many others, not to mention here in line with the blog topic.

To really grab the lion’s pie, digital marketing plays its role. In above point, we considered user experience part. But in the last part of this text, we will definitely take a tour of marketing importance of fashion website.

Creating a fashion website isn’t any rocket science, you can do it on your own. But leveraging e-Commerce website development services from a professional fashion web design development agency would give your internet shop steep growth with better website structure.

What Software to Use to Create Fashion Website

Like the whole lake becomes drop by drop, you need to actively take part in bit-by-bit work ongoing for making apparel or another kind of fashion website.

This will transform an idea into a tangible product, i.e. good looking website.

Before a website starts exhibiting to the world, first comes the ingredients, that is, what software genres to utilize to generate e-commerce machine.

Selected software components must be

1. open source: so that it becomes convenient to modify web parts in future

2. free: it decreases the cost of making the e-Commerce website

3. software type: it has to be e-Commerce framework or except e-Commerce software are obviously not the choice to make a selling website

If we sort out available digital commerce software libraries that fulfill above 3 conditions, few choices are available, from which below 4 brands have a pivotal stake and are popular:

1. Magento

2. Opencart

3. Prestashop

4. Woocommerce

Starting comparison of these 4 will take us to endless debate.

From my studies, I would say(and firmly conclude) that:

● If you select Prestashop, you would have to pay a monthly fee, so it isn’t truly economic option to host web store for most retailers.

● Opencart although is free and widely used, lacks in tons of features when compared with any full-blown e-Commerce framework that provides extra-ordinary facilities like analytics, business intelligence module etc.

● Woocommerce is based on WordPress and it is created as a plugin, as opposed to standalone e-Commerce software. Let me warn you that 100s of WooCommerce websites face the extravagant problem of slow running/loading.

● Magento version2 is a full-fledged, appreciated and organized e-Commerce system that helps you leverage all business functions in web-enabled user interfaces. It is a whole apple that comes with all required functionalists, no need for extra plugins.

A conclusion is, we don’t want to make mistake by considering a short man for a boy. And you don’t, by preferring Magento to generate stylish web shop to sell goods that are related to fashion industry.

To publish a website with

– fluid website layouts

– peerless color scheme

– pixel perfect images

– neat products grid &

– lucid videos

any person has to possess various skills like HTML, PHP, and its derived Magento framework, XML coding etc.

This means that a person layman to information technology(IT) has to take support from web development agency – as these skills are not forte of a non-IT individual, obviously. Alternatively, the retail shop owner can hire dedicated Magento developer or contact Magento theme development company to give brilliant shape to the website that will get volumetric clicks and exposure.

Good news for fashion e-Commerce store owners is that the majority of online consumers nowadays are age groups of 16 to 24 and 25 to 34. Freedom to choose and navigate through the variety of products is perhaps right reason that buyers of these age groups love shopping – available with mouse button click.

Fashion Website Features

Briefly, hired Magento / web developer to make fashion website for your business should include all below features in any standard contract:

● Mobile Responsive design

● Delivery methods

● Great product grid

● Spacious Categories Menu

● Quality photography

● Quick view pop-ups (Instant product zoom view)

● A ‘save for later’ button

● Cross-Selling functionality

● Secure purchase options

Besides above features, you ought to possess the wide variety of stock in your storefront, because website pictures may be fine, visitors are equally interested to look into huge collections to justify that they made it right!

Returns and Refund Option

It does not cost to put this option in the footer part of a website. But it matters a lot to visitors and prospects. Make them feel comfortable by serving prompt refund link, in easily accessible manner.

Views on “How to Wear It”

Since you are operating in fashion domain, styling advice specific to fancy apparel has its weight. When an item is clicked, it should display 360-degree display of wearing view and different ways to dress it. It will add up stars to your wardrobe.

Let me show similar products

Had a prospect gone to a brick-and-mortar shop, salesperson or staff employed over there would have provided recommendations in face-to-face communication. This interaction is essentially not available in e-Commerce itself. In best of your interests, the alternative is to design a section which showcases “additionals” or “who purchased this also bought this” section.

You might be already knowing it as observed on many other sites like Amazon.

It doesn’t harm, do it as soon as possible to boost user experience.

SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing act as Oxygen and Minerals that keep fashion e-Commerce site breathing

Marketing lies at the heart of merchandising. Once website’s internal optimization is complete, it is time to enhance your web visibility or external optimization. As far as fashion industry and e-Commerce is concerned, this task is indeed double challenging for site owners and marketers. The reason is you have to keep an eye continuously on current trends, new arrivals and based on that, take proportionate action. Laser focus on top 5 competitors and deep knowledge of digital marketing techniques will push products selling even in saturated markets. I am both writer and SEO practitioner, I have not executed SEO projects specifically for fashion store, but personally I assume that it will take 6-12 months of timing before you can see tangible results for Google ranking. Choosing high search volume SEO keywords is significant otherwise your business would be starved of relevant traffic.

Close Up

Finally, there are certain aspects you should keep in mind if it takes more time before conversions start happening via the medium of the website.

● Trends change periodically

● Fashion is variant and style changes from person to person

● Exhibiting real-life experience is the key

● Fashion industry ups and downs occur as per seasons

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Creating a fashion website isn’t any rocket science, you can do it on your own. But leveraging eCommerce website development services from a professional fashion web design development agency would give your internet shop steep growth with better website structure.