In spite of the dependability of air travel, a lot of people are still developing a fear of flying. If you have a friend who has aviophobia (the technical term for the phobia) you can help your friend to overcome that fear. How can I do that? You might ask.

Well, you can act as a confidante for whenever your friend goes on trips that involve flying. You can do this by explaining that while the fears of unfortunate incidents may happen during a flight these incidents hardly ever happen.

Being a confidante
Hey! If you have a really good friend, I mean one that you really care about, then if you can you could travel with your comrade. It would be great if you could go with your buddy so he/she can have somebody to turn to once the nervousness takes hold of the senses. If you decide to go with your friend on an important flight, here are some of the things that you can do to help.

One thing you can do is to go to a class with your friend about conquering the fear or flying. Nowadays, there are a lot of airlines that offer classes that can assist people to beat the fear of flying. If you can take your friend to one of these classes before the flight, it would be great because at these classes facts about air travel like flight physics, flight safety, and statistics as well as numerous relaxation methods are taught so as to aid people comprehend their phobia.

Another thing you can do also is to make sure that you are up-to-date about your flight. This is an extra bit of work for you to do but it is a good thing to do because your friend will count on you for all kinds of things and most of all information about the flight. You can confirm all your flight details so if your friend needs to know something during the flight, you will know what to tell your travelling partner which will make the flight a lot more comfortable for you and your friend.

Another great thing to do is to keep your traveling partner distracted during the flight, think about it seeing that your friend has aviophobia, it is only normal for your traveling companion to feel uneasiness, nausea, giddiness, muscle tensions and deep breathing. If you see one or two of these symptoms, you should begin distracting your friend by talking about things that are light and funny, like tell a few jokes or maybe a funny story. Think about it, if you and your partner can have a laugh during the flight negative thoughts just fly away.

Also make certain that you both arrive at the airport ahead of schedule. One of the best ways of aiding a friend in conquering the fear of flying is to get to the airport at least two to three hours before the flight so that you can have plenty of time to relax before the flight. Good Luck!

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