In spite of the fact that Magento is an open-source CMS, it is known as amongst the most composite e-commerce environments existing today. Although the use of Magento Enterprise Edition regularly might be generally easy, starting the first development and structure of the Magento e-commerce business, despite its size, is perhaps best finished by the Magento experts. However, getting professional Magento Developers isn’t easy. In this article, we will learn how to hire the best Magento developer and go through some important points to keep in mind while looking for a perfect Magento developer.
Points You Should Remember While Hiring a Magento Developer
Know Your Requirements
Before contacting Magento experts and ask for some quotes, you need to take some time for building a comprehensive plan whereas all your requirements are written on the paper. You don’t have to become an expert; however, knowing all the basics might be very helpful in accepting the important points, difficulties as well as sweet spots about your store. You can read some beginners’ guide of Magento to be familiar with the fundamentals to help you plan everything which follows it alongside the procedure. You also need to have a clear understanding of your time tables, priorities, and certainly, your budget. Professional Magento enterprise development will take you much further if they observe that you’ve done all the research well. The key to success is to stay updated and involved in the whole development procedure.
Collect Prospective Magento Partners
As with everything, the finest way of finding the developer which suits you is asking for the recommendations from the colleague you can trust, rather somebody from your business. In case, you don’t have any colleagues to help you, try and ask third-party service providers like your accountants or hosting agency. In case, you don’t require colleagues to mention you, try and discover your connections using LinkedIn and it’s a wonderful platform to get professionals in the field, although you’re not thoroughly associated. You may also check the groups like Magento Universe and Magento Developers group or some other LinkedIn groups, just by typing words “Magento Developer” in the LinkedIn’s search bar.
Go for Specialised Magento Developers
The Magento Corporation organizes online training courses for certifying developers through the Magento platform that want to validate the real-world skills. All these Magento certification exams help the professionals that want to separate themselves from today’s competition with the Magento credentials and that alone says something regarding how thoughtful they are for their work.
There are a number of different kinds of certifications which differ as per the kind of expertise in the Magento platforms. For instance, a Magento Solution Professional is somebody who can professionally align business objectives using Magento functionality as well as optimize the usage of native characteristics, out of the deep business understanding in general as well as e-commerce precisely. Other kinds of certifications consist of Magento certified developers, certified front-end developers, developer plus, moderator kits and social learning group certifications.
Nobody Can Do All the Things So Discover an Agency
If you wonder why you have many diverse certifications for the Magento, that is because the Magento has incorporated different aspects of the e-commerce like PHP programming, Magento cloud hosting, business logic, implementation, design, content marketing, drop shipping, usability, and many more. If somebody claims to be a professional in all these things, be more doubtful and ask more and more questions before you hire him. Nobody can be proficient in everything, therefore either he is bluffing or his standards aren’t that great. The finest way to appropriately address all the aspects of starting and managing the Magento enterprise development is by employing a professional Magento development agency where all the members have their own specialties. Such companies differ in price, availability, size, and quality; therefore make sure to have the quote from a number of different agencies prior to taking any decisions.
Go for the Big Names
In case, the budget is not a problem for you, you can go for the influencers in this field that are well-informed as well as have recognized a reputation in the industry. All these might be well-respected people that attend as well as perhaps even talked in the international conferences or the people that write regularly about the relevant topics on social media or a blog like those mentioned in the Magento influencers’ list.
Getting a Magento cloud hosting can only be the start of your journey to a successful online store, however, it is an important step which is going to influence your business in the coming years. No matter you hire an agency, a freelancer, the young students or some senior experts, ensure that you’re working with somebody that you can rely on who cares about your requirements and that will continue to be on your side every time you require them.

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