There is one thing that we can't live our lives without and that is personal hygiene. Hygiene doesn't only help you stay beautiful, it helps you stay healthy and that is its main purpose. Hygiene helps keep bad bacteria, viruses and fungi away from you. It also helps reduce the risk of spreading illnesses to other people. It enhances your social appeal and increases your natural attraction.

Washing hands

It may seem that it is unnecessary to stress the importance of hand washing but it is not. It is the basics of personal hygiene. Using soap and water actually help you wash off dirt, bacteria and viruses that lure on you from everywhere. Plain soap and lukewarm water can wash off most of the bacteria that attach to the skin of your hands. Your hands are the most important tool your body has. You work with them, you eat with them, you use them for interacting with other people and that is why it is important to keep them clean. Wash your hands on regular basis before and after every activity and that will keep you pretty much safe from disease.


Dirt, dead skin cells, sweat are a perfect environment for bacteria. Your body acts as a magnet when these things are in question. Showering on a daily basis will help reduce the risk of having dangerous bacteria on your skin. Again, soap and water are doing the trick here. Use mild soaps since you don’t want to wash off the good bacteria, ones that help your body fight bad bacteria, viruses and fungi by helping your immune system do its work. Use a loaf or a sponge for gentle scrubs once a week and don’t overdo it. You want your skin clean and healthy and not scrubbed off of good “stuff” from your skin.

Intimate area

Your intimate area is very sensitive and very much exposed to bacteria. Since it is almost always covered with underwear and is the moist area it is an ideal playground for bacteria and fungus. We all use toilet paper, but it is almost impossible to wipe all the problems away. Using bidet is what helps you wash off dangerous bacteria and keep your intimate area in good health. Bidets are becoming more and more necessary in everyday life and people start realizing that they play a very important part in your everyday personal hygiene. Bidets Online is one of places where you can find your own bidet for your personal needs, and find out a lot about why bidets are irreplaceable when it comes to the hygiene of your intimate area.

Oral hygiene

Your mouth is an entrance to your body. Drinks and food go through your mouth to feed your entire body. It is not surprising that oral hygiene is one of the most important chores you have to do during your day. Brush your teeth at least twice a day to ensure cleanliness and health of your mouth. You should be brushing after every meal you had, especially if it contained sugar as it can damage dental glaze. Floss regularly to ensure you removed every last bit of food between your teeth. Flossing helps your gums stay strong and healthy too.

Toenails and fingernails

Toenails and fingernails are ideal "storage" for dirt as it hides underneath them. You can use nail brush when you wash your hands and under a shower for your toenails. Keep them on appropriate length by clipping them regularly. Time of nail growth depends on a person and some people may have to clip more often than others. Use the orange stick to remove dirt underneath your fingernails. This dirt can be a perfect environment for bacteria growth so be sure that area is clean.  

Washing clothes

Your clothes do not only collect dirt from the outside world they also absorb your sweat, dissolved oils and dead skin cells from your body. You should wash your clothes regularly. You should change your underwear on a daily basis and your other clothes every other day. Use bleach on your underwear to remove stains if there are any. Wash your sweat suits after every use and try to change them as soon as you finish with your exercise.

Changing the bed sheets

Even if we shower every day, wash our hands and teeth, change our clothes regularly there is still dirt on us we take to our beds. Our bed sheets collect that dirt as we sleep on them. Our pillowcases collect dirt from our hair and there is a danger that it can transmit to our face and to our mouth from there. Change your bed covers every few weeks and your pillowcases every few days. Even if it looks like this has nothing to do with our personal hygiene, actually it does.  

Our personal hygiene is not about our appeal to others or making ourselves clean. It is about our health and preventing it. We live in a dirty world and we are surrounded by dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungus. By keeping our personal hygiene at a high level we keep our health intact and that is what it is all about.


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