What are the rules of a relationship and how do you learn them? Like me, you probably learned due to mistakes you've done in the past. Other times, you learn by observing other people's relationships. You learn more through the relationship of some of your closest friends or family members. Through all these, you'll find that there are a few bits of relationship advice worth remembering. Following are some of the things that I have learned during along the way.

To improve a relationship, it is necessary to have trust. The minute doubt starts to settle in, you tend to think about things that aren't actually true. These ideas would only bring you down overtime. If this is all you're thinking about, there's a good chance that you will act wrongly in the relationship. If you do that, this might trigger the end of the relationship.

Couples have to learn to communicate and talk with each other to better a relationship. Communication is the vital factor here. People are more likely to arrive at different conclusions due to the lack of communication. Sadly, a lot of assumptions lean towards the negative. Regardless of what type of relationship it is, you can be sure that communication breeds trust and understanding between friends or partners.

To better a relationship, couples must learn to be flexible and compromise once in a while. You know what they say about opposites attracting and that each person comes with their unique characteristics. In order for the relationship to be fun, couples must learn to adapt with each other and welcome new experiences. You and your partner may find that the new adventures make the relationship more appealing.

To make your relationship work, one has to be content with their individual life. Don't be afraid to voice your thoughts. You have opinions and don't be afraid to express them. These opinions can cover various topics like where to eat out or even what movie to watch.You see if you don't share your thoughts, your partner would assume that you don't really care. If you keep saying "I don't care", they might start jumping to conclusions.

Of course, your only trying to be easy going but your partner doesn't have to make all the decisions. Feel free to voice your opinions.

Experience has taught you that it takes patience and a good amount of effort to make a relationship work. Sometimes, it's better to focus on the present rather than think about past relationships. People as well as circumstances are always different. Ultimately, you will be calmed by the fact that you did everything you can to better a relationship.

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