One of the most critical aspects of effective social media marketing is understanding the target audience. However, before you understand the audience, you must identify them. 

To identifying them a few questions may prove to be pretty effective. The very answers to these questions will tell help you spot them. What the questions are? Here they are: 

  • What is the age group that you want to reach out to? 
  • What is the average income of that group? 
  • What common values do they share? 

Experts believe that conclusive answers to these questions will provide an ideal picture of the target customer. They believe that people generally do not get content that they need or are interested in. This is in spite of the fact that social media like Facebook and Instagram are about real-life conversations. Therefore, when social media marketing companies serve smaller, middle scale or large scale businesses, they help them to discover their target audience in a great way. 

Every social media marketing company has their respective ways to do so, but perhaps each of them would turn to the social media platforms to use them effectively for identifying the target audience prior to effective social media marketing.

Role of Social Media channels in the search….

Prior to picking up the right channels for effective social media marketing, an experienced social media marketing company in Brisbane generally figures out the type of social network that the audience uses on most occasions. This type of work involves an elaborate research, that involves dealing with a wide range of critical parameters.

Let us find why these social media platforms play such a pivotal role in the picking up the target audience. 

Facebook – how is it performing in 2019? 

A research has revealed that Facebook still stands out to be the most frequently used SM platform. Latest stats show that every month 2.23 billion people use Facebook. Further research has revealed that 30 per cent of the Ad audience of Facebook is between 25 and 34 years. Therefore, that brings out a specific sect of audience to deal with on this platform.

Twitter Audience during 2019 

When it comes to Twitter, the total figure stands out to be 326 million every month. Research further reveals that 37 percent of these users are between 18 and 25 years and 25 per cent is between 30 to 49 years. That means youngsters are more in tweeting than the seniors ones. Again, this brings out another sect of customers to negotiate with. 

The Instagram figures during 2019 

In 2019, the total figure of Instagram users has already crossed 1 billion. Interestingly, women use Instagram more than men do. 39 percent of users are women and 30 per cent are men and most of them are below age of 35 years. 

Therefore, you see how the social media marketing companies in Brisbane carry out research to understand the target audience for effective social media marketing on respective platforms. For that, these companies would chalk out various strategies. That is another story though. 

As for now, the bottom line is that the social media platforms play a pivotal role in helping these companies to determine the target audience before they get on with the technicalities of social media marketing. 


Author's Bio: 

The author owns a Social Media Marketing Company in Brisbane that works for small, medium as well as large scale businesses. The author is also an avid blogger.