After the birth of a child, the family lifestyle changes completely. A young mother, in addition to the usual household chores, has a lot of new worries and responsibilities. But, a mom always needs to remain a woman. So how can you manage everything so as not to forget about yourself? There are several ways how to organize a day so that everything is in time.

1. Create a daily routine
Planning your day, it is very important not to adjust your life to a schedule, but on the contrary, you need to make a schedule for your lifestyle . The correctly compiled daily routine will help you plan your day quite clearly, encourage self-discipline and set a positive example for the child. In addition, children living under the regime are very often calmer and emotionally stable.

2. Use time rationally
All the plans for the day should be approached meaningfully. This will help you make the best use of time and energy. A great thing is to combine walking with a baby with reading, watching a movie on a tablet, if the child is sleeping in a stroller. Active moms can do simple body workouts on the playground or in the park. Also, an everyday walk can be combined with something useful, as a hike to a store, a bank, or somewhere else on mom's business, a meeting with a friend, and so on. All that you can do with one hand - do with the child on your hands: clean things up, dust furniture, make tea or put clothes in the washing machine.

If children can walk, try to do everything together with the child, so that he participates, entertains himself and learns to help with the housework at the same time. Let children help you to lay out something, stir or wipe it, etc. As a result, it brings up the child's independence. But do not interfere, even if it's easier and faster to do everything by yourself.

3. Get rid of the time - consuming things
To make life easier, you need to write down everything that happens by the minute during the day and then reveal what takes the most time and try to reduce and optimize this waste of time. As a rule, we spend precious moments on telephone, TV, the Internet and social networks. So this disposal will save you a lot of hours a day.

4. Combine tasks with pleasure
While a child-raising there are always things that can be combined. For example, while sitting with a stroller in the park, you can simultaneously learn a foreign language. The main thing is to develop a habit of multitasking and after a while, it will not be necessary to make efforts - everything will happen by itself.

5. Spend a minimum of time cleaning the house
In order not to spend the entire day off for cleaning the house, it is possible to maintain elementary work during the week. Every day, spend 15 minutes on household chores. If you can do something right now, do it without setting aside: see clothes or a cup in the wrong place - clear it up!

6. Attract helpers
Try to involve your husband in your home affairs. If you don’t have to ask and persuade the husband to do something, you are very lucky, but if no, then ask him to spend at least one of his day off on household chores.

7.Develop a child
Spend time with the child actively and more diversely. Talk, read, sing, and play with the baby. Such experience will give a huge sense of happiness and necessity.

8. Do not forget to rest
A young mother, like any working person, needs rest. After all, a mother does not have days off and holidays, and the working day is not particularly standardized. Invite guests, gather your family outside the house to avoid preparing and cleaning up after the party. Try not to relax at home, as there will always be something to do and the weekend will pass leaving you exhausted. Sleep more! The sleepy mom is tired, irritable, and there is little that can be done at home. For mothers of newborns, the actual advice is to sleep during the day. Remember the rule: while the child is sleeping the mother is sleeping too, no household chores during nap time!

A few more bonus life hacks:
● How to work remotely:
1. work while a child sleeps.
2. do not agree to work with burning deadlines, set consciously longer terms, so as not to let the customer down because the child may get sick or else.
3. work in the morning (or when the child is the calmest).

● How to manage to cook
1. plan the menu for a week and go shopping once a week
2. make simple meals from simple foods
3. buy cut vegetables, ready-made steaks and other things that do not need to be prepared for cooking.

● How to combine study and the child care
1. read the study material aloud to your child
2. while a baby is sleeping do the tests or write reports.

And the most important rule: leave at least some time for yourself, even 15-20 minutes alone will help restore your strength.

And remember, motherhood life does not end, the journey only begins.

Author's Bio: 

Kori Anderson is a nutritionist and a healthy lifestyle coach. She helped hundreds of people lose weight and get used to healthy lifestyle and diet.