Almost two thirds of the men and women in the UK are either overweight or obese, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation statistics show. The number of overweight people is much higher than at any given time during the past three decades. It is easy to make a bold claim and conclude that obesity is becoming a problem of epic proportions.

Are you one of those individuals struggling with weight, cravings, guilt connected to not leading a healthier lifestyle and disappointment stemming from past failures? You may want to give weight loss hypnosis a try. The mechanism is completely different from that of other weight loss programmes, which is why hypnosis delivers such great results.

Curious about how hypnotherapy for weight loss works? Here is what you will go through and why the process will deliver more sustainable results than other possibilities.

Capitalise on the Power to Choose

Healthy weight loss is about making choices rather than struggling with restrictions.

Getting fit is much more than losing weight. It is about building a healthy relationship with food and with your own body. A hypnotherapist will help you instil the healthy thinking patterns that will form the foundation of this new relationship.

Weight loss hypnosis focuses on training your mind before you start training your body. You have the right and the willpower to choose one option on another. These rational choices produce the right kind of motivation, the one that will deliver the weight loss results you are hoping for.

What is Making You Overeat?

The second mechanism that hypnotherapists use to help their clients lose weight focuses on reasons. Knowing what the cause of the problem is will quickly lead to the selection of an adequate solution.

Why are you overeating? That is the most important question you will be asked in the beginning of your first session. Are you addicted to sugary treats that make you feel happier? Do you turn to snacks whenever you feel stressed out? Or maybe you are used to super-sized portions and smaller amounts will simply not do the trick for you?

Through hypnosis, you will come up with a healthier alternative. A poor relationship with food and its selection as a source of emotional comfort are the main reasons why so many people in the UK are overweight. In addition, many turn to unhealthy snacks simply because they have no taste for beneficial foods.

It is possible to start enjoying carrots and raw nuts. The process will be fun rather than stressful because all changes will take place on a subconscious level. You will not be pressuring yourself into liking certain foods, you will simply be building a new understanding and a desire for such treats.

The Difference between Dieting and Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for weight loss has nothing to do with dieting. Diets require a lot of willpower and commitment to actually work. The problem is that metabolism changes occur when the body gets used to limitations. These metabolism changes lead to gaining the weight back on after ending the diet.

Hypnosis changes your mind in a gentle way. You can learn to love exercise. You can lose the desire for sweets. You do not have to suffer through the process. Serious change starts from the inside and this is precisely what hypnosis does.

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