Everyone knows how to dust, vacuum and mop, but do you know how to do all the chores in a way that saves you time and effort? A lot of years has passed by since I moved out my parents house and moved in a small apartment located in West London.
I live with a friend of mine and we have a strict schedule of who's doing the chores each week. So, she has worked as a domestic cleaner at Pure Blue for a few months and she taught me some very useful tricks on how to clean more effectively and quickly.
Read them below:

1. Always deal with the mess first! -You cannot clean a messy home without hassle. Imagine that you vacuum all rooms and you stumble upon dirty socks on the floors, empty packaging, etc. It will not only hinder the vacuuming, but collecting these things one by one will make you unnecessarily nervous;
2. Work your way from top to bottom - an extremely useful advice which I follow every time it is my turn to clean. What does it mean? Never start with the floors! Leave them for last, and begin with cleaning and dusting the shelving, pictures, the top areas of furniture and cobwebs. Only then you may proceed down to the cupboards, tables and floors; This is the way dust settles and you will not double your work;
3. Do not miss the easy-to-forget areas - these are the space between furnishings and the wall, the area under beds and heavy furniture, the inside and outside of kitchen appliances, walls, doors and handles.

This is my advice, come visit my page next week for more useful tips and ideas!

Author's Bio: 

Kayla is a Marketing Expert for a London-based company. She has a 5 y/o daughter Michelle and a loving husband Richard.